Crypt of the Necrodancer - Review

in gaming •  2 years ago 

 It’s amazing how one simple twist can make a game. Crypt of the NecroDancer succeeds at being challenging, fair, and most of all: fun. I was completely hooked since the second I started playing. What a wonderful experience.

The game is turn based, but its main mechanic is that turns pass on the beat of the music, and you can only move or attack if you do it on the beat. The game rewards you for following the beat with a coin multiplier, which is also important for damage and other stats if you have certain items.

It borrows elements from Spelunky and Binding of Isaac, but I think the greatest strength the game has is its enemy variety. There are dozens of enemy types, each with their own movement/attack patterns. You’ll have to learn their patterns to succeed. You’ll have to treat each death as a learning experience. It felt so rewarding to beat areas for the second time like it was nothing, where they were very challenging at first. And man, the bosses are just brilliant. They’re creative, varied and funny. I love it when games take the time to make bosses great.

The only criticism I dare to give this game is about the bats. I don’t think they fit in this game because they move randomly. There is no way to predict where they’ll move next, which goes against everything else the game is about, which is predictability.

Closing thoughts

This is simply a brilliant game worth your time and money. It has tons of value if you’re up for a challenge, and its combat is beautifully designed. It’s also incredible how well the game teaches the player how to get better. The learning curve was really smooth, and I felt like I was getting better as a player every time I beat a level. I could not recommend this game more. 

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