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Total War: Warhammer 2 - Mortal Empires

in gaming •  11 months ago

Warhammer 2 is not even 2 months old and players who own both games can get to play free DLC Mortal Empires. What is it about? Well, it is about one massive campaign combining both world maps and every faction from both games is playable (including every old DLC). Epic. I know..

I've been very busy with family business these days, I can't write much, I can't participate in steemit community, most likely I won't go to steemfest2. I can't even play this epic Mortal Empires campaign. However, in my short time with the DLC I managed to capture some of the greatness Creative Assembly keeps on rewarding it's loyal player base. If you have good enough hardware to play this, you can spend hundreds of hours with this monster of a game.

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Hi @moon32walker looks like warhammer 2 is a pretty interesting game, I might try and check it out. Wanted to read more about gaming reviews as I also do gaming reviews too but I love to research about old gaming consoles but trying to learn gaming reviews more from people like you as I am only joined steemit 3 weeks ago, Anyway time with family is more important Have a nice day

Thanks for sharing this. Have a nice Day with your Family!

Calling @originalworks :)
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