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MU Legend is new Free to Play MMO ARPG developed by South Korean studio Webzen. There are a lot of gaming terms for just one game. Here is a short tutorial for the noobs: MMO - Massive Multiplayer Online, hundreds of players running around depending how populated the servers are, ARPG - Action Role Playing Game, kill hordes of enemies, collect loot and level up, Free to Play means you can create an account and install the game for free, and if you wish you can purchase various items via in game shop if you like the game.




Mu Legend will take you to a fantasy world of MU where forces of good and evil are fighting and the forces of evil are winning. Our hero is sent back through time in the last effort to save the world from destruction, he or she will have to regain lost memories and prevent the evil from happening. Story is pretty generic, nothing really ground breaking there, but there are some cool moments from time to time when you character is awakening and gaining new powers.
There are five main classes to chose from and every class has two sub class options and you can specialize to be a Tank or DPS. Classes look cool and abilities they use are very destructive. You can chose between the Dark Lord, Blader, War Mage, Whisperer and Spellbinder.



Leveling and Questing will be familiar to anyone who played MMOs where you mostly do fetch and kill quests and reap the rewards after. Enemies will progressively get stronger and you will have to keep up with the gear and levels. You can also chose to play Dungeons and Rifts spread through the game with other players in a party of five, that is more social MMO aspect of the game and it can be very fun.
Some bosses and dungeons are challenging and you need to be very active to complete them.
Itemization and Crafting are another interesting aspects of the game and once you've completed the zone quests you can chill out in the city and manage your character and pets. Pets can level up and give bonuses that are actually quite useful for your character development.




MU Legend is one of those games that has so much to offer if you chose to commit, feat familiar to every MMO game. I've found myself quite intrigued by the game's systems and it should keep me busy for a while. Game runs very smooth and there hasn't been any lag issues or anything game breaking. If you feel the need for some new ARPGs, give MU Legend a go.

Score: 83/100

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Really looks fun! Its amazing how far free-to-play games have come in such a short amount of time.


Yes, business model of ftp games seem the most lucrative. And it gives devs the fuel to develop the game far more after launch.

MU is the first MMO I played

This new Mu looks nice.!


This is my first MU game, I'm having a blast playing it. Sort of a warm up for Lost Ark and Lineage Eternal.

Good job gamers !! 👍👍👍


We do what we must!


Really friend. . That should be it!

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