Let's Play Mario Kart 7 - April 12, 2017

in gaming •  last year

Today, I've been playing with my Nintendo 3DS. Yesterday, I followed the steps in the http://3ds.guide website and I could install the CFW. I was using firmware 11.3.0-36U, and it worked!

Something that I like now is that I can stream my gameplays easily, without using hardware. I simply installed and use NTR CFW Loader and a tool for the PC called Nitro Stream. Then, since the software doesn't capture audio, I connect the 3DS to the PC using an aux cable to the Mic/Line In jack. Lastly, I'm using OBS Studio to capture the Nitro Stream screen and transmit the gameplay to YouTube. This is very easy to do and just requires having a good router and having the PC and 3DS connected.

Today, I made my first tests and I was really impressed, by the quality and that there is no lag in the screen you choose to prioritize (in this video, the top screen is prioritized since it is where all the action happens). Here, I'm sharing my livestream of Mario Kart 7. Hope you like it!

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Haha, I've installed CFW on my 3ds XL and a couple 2ds', the 3ds platform has been cracked wide open! Love it, haha!