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Hello Splinterland warriors!

Another week of Battle challenge with another monster from the FIRE SPLINTER OF CHAOS LEGION EDITION and here i am participating in this challenge which is hosted by the Splinterlands team thanks Always for the great support and arranging these challenges for us on weekly basis.



Rarity: RARE
Element: FIRE
Attack: RANGED
Abilities: Knock Out at level 6




In the battle lineup, i will explain all the cards one by one that i placed in the specific position as i played the battle for this week's battle challenge from my alt account so in this account i used the legendary summoner and lineup the chosen monsters.


Yodin Zaku was a War Demon of the times before the Splintering so long ago. He was a hybrid child born of two warring races, the Efreet and the Bulludae, the Demons of War. But he never perished. Read more

For the battle i played for this week's battle challenge i went for my alt account because the battle card for this week's challenge belongs to the fire family and also a range attack monster so choosing this summoner will not be a bad choice because this summoner is legendary and can add one range attack to all friendly team while gives you the blast ability also.


In the first position, i went for the shielded monster living lava from the untamed edition as it was a 52 mana battle with melee mayhem ruleset in which all the monsters of melee attack will target the first monsters so i put this shielded monster in the first position to take less damage from the enemy team monsters and it worked very well in this battle.

In the second position, i went for the Epic reward card from the latest edition which has some cool abilities of close-range attack and also can attack from the backline position with strong and powerful range attack at level 1 that you can get up to 4 range attack from this card with lots of armor to protect its health from enemy monsters. Here in this battle, i used it in the 2nd position because of its close-range attack, and also it is a range attack monster that got one extra range attack from the summoner with blast ability to give additional damage to other enemy monsters.

In the third position, i went for a common neutral reward card named GOBLIN MECH that i got from the early rewards edition which is now out of print and i already have this card in gold foil edition at level 6 in my main account but here i have only one BCX as this is my alt account which is also in silver 1 league with 1900+ rating and soon will touch the next league so this card i used for the melee mayhem attack that it will target the first enemy monster with its strong and heavy attack to give additional damage in the form of blast ability that it got from the summoner.

Another powerful range attack monster from the reward edition that i got lots of BCX from the rewards and already have in gold foil while 2 upgraded versions of level 6 i placed for rent so this card is used to get one extra range attack as it has also 3 range attack at level 1 and it got increased and the blast ability is also added that i used in the 4 positions to utilize all the cards and also to fill the mana gap with large mana cards.

SCAVO FIREBOLT is here which is a rare fire monster from the chaos legion edition with range attack that we can use in both high and low mana rulesets and i am using this card mostly in this account because of the legendary ZAKU summoner which adds one extra range attack to this card and also i am using this monster in other battles when i got the quest with fire splinter and i am using mostly the 4 mana range attack cards in low mana to work great and give me the victory and that is the reason that i have reached 1900+ rating with level 1 cards while in my main account i just reached to the diamond league today so this card is pretty good that i will upgrade in my main account but will use this card mostly in my alt account which do not need to upgrade because of the legendary ZAKU summoner.

In the last position, i went for another neutral range attack monster that i used for the quest completion as it was snipe quest in this account so i chose this card instead of other snipe ability monsters which cost low mana because the mana was enough so high mana cards i used to utilize all the mana and also give me a nice victory with high mana cards.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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