Something Dungeons: Work In Progress!

in #gaminglast year

For anyone who's interested... I'm still working on my game. Things are just getting a bit tricky currently because of some major changes to the dungeon architecture.

Instead of randomly generating a few rectangular rooms I want to design the levels myself.

Before, rooms looked like this:

Pretty boring... Rooms are just rectangular, mostly empty and you can see only one room at a time.

Now a dungeon can look like this:


Much more interesting but also more complicated. Before the lights were simply deactivated if you are not in the same room. Since there aren't necessarily clearly separated rooms anymore, the lighting system needs to be more dynamic. That's why I am currently experimenting with raycasting.


As it turns out... it's not as simply as I thought. For example... I have wall colliders:


My first idea was: Hey.... why not just use the wall colliders for raycasting? Well... here's why that won't work:


So I need separate "light colliders":


But that also doesn't behave exactly as I want it to:


So... that's why there hasn't been any updates recently. I'm desperately trying to make this work in an at least "good enough" form.