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Hello my CS:GO fans!
Let's start with predictions for a 4th day of major qualifier on Atlanta with analysis. Let's go!


Yesterday's predictions went in wrong way with only 4/8 accuracy (2 close game with Misfits and Renegades picks), but let's see what we've got for today.
So let's start with match number one!

1 - Misfits [W] vs. Avangar

Misfits showed us a good cs yesterday. The only reason why they've lost the game was their broken economy after 5v2 round where only 1 of Misfits members stayed alive. For me it's a clearly and logical pick. Misfits will go with a 2-2 record and fight for a spot on main stage.

2 - Liquid vs. [W] Vega Squadron

Vega's agressive playstyle've made a lot of pain in yesterday's match against G2. They've managed to do a comeback from 3-12 t-half on overpass and take it to overtime. I'm so impressed byt them. I don't think that Liquid could be a danger for them with that form.

3 - FaZe vs. [W] Na'Vi

Impressive game today and I'm so mad that I will miss that show. Faze seems to be in a slump where Na'Vi is showing up more and more potential to be a Legend after a Major. I hope that s1mple and electronic duo will step up even more and lead the charge to the win.

4 - Space Soldiers vs. [W] mousesports

I think that I don't have to say anything about that prediction. Mouz are better in overall so I will stay with that pick.

5 - Renegades vs. [W] Sprout

I think that Sprout could be a black horse of this qual like they did with Penta on previous major qualifier. They have the best opportunity to this today and I belive in their youngstars with veterans mix spirit in team.

6 - EnVy [W] vs. QBFire

Simple as a prediction with mousesports. Only thing that could drag EnVy down is a bad performance of xms who have to come back from his slump on qualifier.

So that's my predictions for a day 2. I hope you enjoyed and if you have other types just leave that in comment. Good Luck & Have Fun!

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