MEGACITY: The Cyberpunk Social Arcade

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Team MEGACITY here with a quick update on our new look, and a bit more about our upcoming plans.

You may remember that we announced our move to the Steem blockchain a little over a month ago under the name Cache, and even did an interview with Steemit Inc’s Head Of Communications, @andrarchy.

You can check out those posts here:

Since then have been busy with development, fine tuning, and preparations for our full public release this fall.

megacity first.jpg

Cache Becomes MEGACITY

Our vision for the project has grown beyond the seed of Cache. We are rebranding to a name that better represents the true essence of the game.

Cache is one of the currencies within the MEGACITY universe, and was an integral part of the original backstory.

However, it is all much bigger than one token. MEGACITY is a whole cyberpunk themed universe where you can explore, interact, and become a character in the game itself.

The Game

MEGACITY is a social arcade powered by cryptocurrency, set in a 8-bit cyberpunk universe. It is free-to-play, available on the web, Android or iOS.

It is the alternate reality where you can be whoever you want - while you play games, earn crypto, and interact with others.

Within MEGACITY, you can:

  • Play for free
  • Earn crypto just for playing
  • Use the Trading Simulation to trade cryptocurrencies across exchanges to earn your way to the top
  • Purchase in-game items with crypto - STEEM, BTC, ETH
  • Own your tokens, your items, your avatars, even your own exchange
  • Import and export items to multiple blockchains including Steem and Ethereum
  • Choose your affiliation - and chat and trading with other players

The upcoming public release is playable on the web, as well as iOS and Android.


Back Story

The year is 2084. The traditional world economies have collapsed, all fiat currencies have been replaced by several cryptocurrencies - largely owned by tech company cartels.

You begin the game as a low level Tent City dweller nobody cares about, besides the PLASMANET loan sharks who you owe a large debt.

One day, you are approached by a woman who offers you a bit of help - 50 CACHE tokens for the Trading Simulation.

Can you now work your way out of this rat race? While avoiding corruption, violence, and deceit around every corner?

Core Team

Erik Johnson

Game Design and Programming

Erik has led successful web and mobile application releases for Harvard Medical School, acquired startups, and multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Roscoe Lamontagne

Game Design and Artwork

Roscoe has completed art installations for clients including Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Comcast, and Tufts University.

We will be sharing more details about the team in future posts, as well as their own personal journeys in developing MEGACITY.


Why Steem?

So why Steem? Good question. Two major reasons: the technology, and the community.


It is very important for us that MEGACITY is a free to play game. While we had been developing exclusively on Ethereum previously, we realized that with spikes in transaction fees, this would not be sustainable. We have no interest in making our players have to pay a fee for every transaction they make within the game, and on Ethereum that seemed to be the future.

Moving our core development to the Steem blockchain allows us to keep with our vision of a free to play game for all.


The tech is great, but that is not the only thing that attracted us to Steem.

The Steem Community is the strongest blockchain community out there. At the core we have a community who interacts and engages on a daily basis. Considering that MEGACITY is a social game - you play, interact and engage with others within an alternate universe… it’s the best pairing.

Future Plans

MEGACITY will be available for release in Fall 2019. Our goal here is to share the on-going journey of building the game with the Steem Community along the way.

Upcoming updates will include:

  • Sneak Peaks
  • Game Play
  • Additional Artwork
  • A look behind the scenes of building MEGACITY
  • Special Incentives exclusively for the Steem Community

Not only do we want to be a part of the Steem Community, but we want you all to be a part of MEGACITY too.

Oh, and don’t forget to pre-register now at! You’ll get a free in-game item, just for signing up.


Great news, cyberpunk is a genre of music I always love. I hope this game has a great soundtrack to boot :)

I am excited for the game!

Awesome, So are we! Can’t wait to show you guys more and more of what we have going. Stay tuned!

Find me in Discord. Maybe there's a way I can help you guys grow here.

I love reading that! 🙂 thanks @aggroed!

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Thanks! We really appreciate it!

Making progress, Good On Yah All.
By the way; have you consider networking with Enjin Coin? Cross platform abilities could take you to a Billion users.
You have my support. Be well.

Awesome guys, congrats for the work done so far and nice move choosing steem for running your game.

Thank you! We are really happy to be a part of the Steem family and think the underlying tech will allow us to make the game everything we want it to be. Appreciate your support!

Have you considered doing things in 3D?

Awesome! First of all, welcome to the STEEM! It's great to have one more game on the blockchain, and I believe that now everybody is impatient for the big release!

Thank you for the welcome! We hope to keep you entertained with sneak peeks leading up to the big release 😎

I am more than busy playing Steem Monsters, but it looks really good and interesting what you are planning! :)

Can't wait for this game, absolutely love the concept

Wow, this is really a good news for me... Megacity will make mega steem soon...

This looks very nice, if you guys are looking for in game soundtrack work, let me know, i’m one of the composers of the official kult game soundtrack, so i might be able to help you out

Awesome! Reach out to @roscoecoin here. 🙌🏼

I sended a message to his twitter, so you know 😉

Love to send you a link so we could build some sounds.

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Hi Roscoe, sorry for the late reply, i did not see this message before, but it is wonderful to build some sounds, so i would love to see the link, and hear the idea’s that you have. i have reached out to you yesterday, on your twitter account in a private message there. Maybe that is more easy to communicate?

Welcome to Steem @megacity - glad to see you guys here!

Thanks Justin! We are really glad to be here 🙂

Loved your chat with @anarchy
You mentioned a mixed world between realitiy and digital domain; VR tools like might be the ticket to this.

Get them on board and your Golden!

awesome.. crypto games are the Future and I'll be joining once we get more info!

We agree! Blockchain games are the future 😎

I think, that is very interesting game))

This looks exciting! Can't wait to see it develop

Thanks for the warm welcome and stay tuned as we share more and more about what we having in store!

Greetings, @megacity

Excelent, what type of game will be??? Flash fight game???

When it will be lauched??
thank youu

#battle #spt #steemleo #steemace

The game will have multiple elements and we will release more sneak peeks as we go along 😉

Full release will be this fall.

Thank you!

Greetings, @megacity

Excelent news, man

thank you for share with us

#battle #spt #steemace

Based on the Devs behind megacity, this game will be awesome! Cant wait!! :))

Thank you 🙏

this game looks promising

Thanks! Stay tuned for more. 🙂

this so freaking awesome! i would love to play them now

Great to see it. It looks like an interesting game and can't wait to see it develop. We will all be watching the progress and can't wait to jump into it as well.

Any new updates on your project?
You have set the release for the game at fall 2019 do have any updates on that?

Wow has it really only been a month since the last announcement? Seems like forever, but I'm still waiting for this game, it looks really interesting 😎

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Looking forward amazing news and launching game.

Glad to see you guys choose the Steem blockchain. If you need any questions answered I'm around!

Thank you, we really appreciate that!

We look forward to building on Steem 💪

Looking good! Can't wait to play MEGACITY :D
What sort of Soundtrack are you going with for this game?

Signing up now as this would be an excellent initiative, to have an arcade here on the blockchain and everyone loves to play for free but able to earn still. Looking forward to being able to give it a go!

Two more meetups and a delegation, we'll get you on frogcake; join your bro at the top ;)

Was going to come but not feeling 100% and going home. Sorry mate

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No worries, mate. We ended up with 16, which is pretty fantastic :)

I am hoping I remember to come as I will be at tafe late and just need to wait around for a bit!
Keen for what's to come and hopfully HF21 benefits in the long run.

Also checked out frogcake and I will look into it soon enough, good incentive to come to meetups too

This is MEGA!!

Dude.. so MEGA 🙃

Heheheh, it was the most fitting comment I thought! :OD

Looks interesting.. pre-registered

I'm actually really excited for this, I really would like to contribute to the artwork of the game I do motion design and I love the cyberpunk and vaporwave feel.

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We Are To Much Exited For This..

So are we 🙃

It's great that they use the steam network to run this game, I'm eager to try it, in fact it will be the first one I use!

Hi @megacity

Amazing idea Erik and Roscoe.

Wouldn't it be better if you would wait for SMTs to be released? Otherwise price of your token will be always kind of "connected" to price of STEEM token.

And STEEM is sinking down and will continue as long as Steemit Inc is dumping large amounts on monthly basis to cover their daily expenses.

Upvote on the way :)


Our game does not rely on a Steem Engine token to continue and therefore waiting for SMTs is not something we need to do.

We are building our game and are integrating Steem into it, as well as switching our core developments the chain.. as described above.

We are happy to be here and see the potential the Steem blockchain has, and we want to be a part of it.

Thank you!

Looks very interesting! Following you...

cute :)

you have a demo or a video or something ?

ah never mind ... watching it heh

Gud gud gud, the more the merrier, i just wonder, where you people get the money for flying around the world and doing snazzy presentations en location on stage like that ? you all came in this game with money, right ?

so there's nothing arcade about it, its a trading sim ?

BUT GOOD , lol , i was just, because its not the first one and that huge mmo of which i forgot the name also had a website and a very good looking frontpage but the last i heard of them they were asking $250 k on kickstarter just to "go to alpha" ( = lmao , right?) and in over 10 years of living on crypton since i was burning gpu's mining btc i grew a bit weary of "the next big thing" , especially if it comes with bru-ha but you guys look simple enough (which is a compliment from a weirdo like me) ... i'm looking forward to it. I'm just wondering

barring the money you clearly have to fly around the planet, where's the revenue come from over time ? servers cost money, development cost time, people gotta eat ...
i'm always curious as to new ways of getting money, you see ... :) any trade secrets to share ? what makes it sustainable ?

(not asking how it benefits steem , but how you can keep doing it if its all free ?)

Maybe they are skilled in game development, just out of school --practised by scamming or hacking some poor bloke of his cryptocurrency.


A more plausible situation could be that these were the folks who were able to snag 5 BTCa day from a faucet back in the beginning days of crypto.. Now they've cashed out and are obsessed with crypto, and are skilled in game development.

Joking again.. but who knows, something close I imagine :p

maybe ... i dont how, how many days was this ? it certainly grows trust from the start that it's you answering and not them :)

we shall see .... most things in the featured section make it only once ...

Hey there @goldmanmorgan, thanks for the interest in the game.

I’m having a hard time understanding some of your questions though, or if they were questions at all? But I’ll do my best -

We aren’t “flying around the planet” to attend these conferences. The above video was shot at the ETHDenver conference and we are Colorado based.

As far as the game there are arcade elements as well, yes. We will be releasing more information about those aspects as we go along.

We don’t really have trade secrets to help you make money. We work hard to build a game we are proud of and we have received recognition and support for such.

The game will be free to play, but there will be option to purchase upgrades within the game itself if someone chooses to do so.

We don’t have a kickstarter and aren’t asking for money here, so I’m not sure the rest of your comment was directed at us.

Hopefully that helps, thqnks!

y a douze jours already, apologies for that, but THANKS for answering ... my doubts are general whenever the next new thing comes up and steemit (often confused for STEEM) is slightly desperate at the moment as i'm not sure how they're feeding their employers at these rates AND keep the top-nodeholders in the money. One might think the logical thing to do is to NOT pay people to run nodes at all but that might lead to that 51% thing i read so much about (not sure in what way that applies to steemchain atm) which has to be prevented ofcourse until steem gets 9000 nodes like BTC and its truly de-centralized. So, no, if you misunderstood i wasn't hacking at you in disbelief. I truly believe stuff like steemmonsters, drugwars and yourself (and maybe by 2050 my own @tyrnannoght) are potential moneymaking incentives , probably the best ones to bring money in to the system, which leaves the hyperinflation, which i dont see fixed unless the system turns to capped or pegged, where pegged needs an equal amount of fiat ofcourse, which ALSO has to come from somewhere. I'm 100% down with projects like your, i think its the way forward i.o. being stuck on only "writer" content here , a bit of a flaw that seems to have stuck around from the way it started and some people seem really unable to adapt in order to survive. I was just curious about the sustainability, i mean two years or so ago you could see posts that got like $4000, that's as good as a server for a year, but all that's gone so it has to come from somewhere :)
You wouldnt be the first one to mistake me for an attacker, i have a special ability thats called "friends in high places" (<-sarc) and im great at it, something in the way i speak , no. I'm looking forward to it, i hope it gets you (the team , i suppose as it is in most cases xept for loner cats like myself) AND steem a steady , sustainable and constant push-up, and brings real incentive for people to own, and have a steemit account/wallet. That kickstarter thing was some mmo i havent heard or followed up since, its just the ridiculous amount to "go to beta" (or alpha? i think beta because i havent seen anything but screenshots ever) has always stuck around as too surreal to even consider asking. I think the future of steem depends on entrepreneurs, not authors and if that works well then the authors will be better off b/c there will be more to distribute.

and by now i probably confused half the planet even more so maybe just

ganbarrei! i'm sure i'll hear the updates i'll put on my special follow/voting list so i dont miss too much

once again, thanks for replying !!!!!! (and good luck ... the marketplace isnt always a compassionate place)

diversity is the key to success b/c in-breeding turns the pond stale and steem is a little pond atm ... the more the merrier, i hope the titans see it that way too as dire and low times like these are the worst possible times for internal competition and moves towards total domination (in my not always so humble or comprehensible opinion :D)
let's see you succeed then and bring glory to the room , ehj ;)

This looks like fun!
Can't wait to see what kind of cyber slob I end up being :)

Pressing like button

I'm on it, that sounds amazing!

Illustrator here, so the genre is very appealing ;)
The theme I'm really digging and I would love to see more about this game. Bookmarking the link, I'll definitely check it out as the crypto markets progresses.

Thank you @megacity for sharing this!

This is a game I am definitely interested in.
I look forward to trying it out. Please notify when the game is released.

Thanks! Be sure to follow this blog. We will be keeping you all up to date as we go along and of course let you know when it’s officially released.

Good Idea, Fantastic Game

drugwars looks like a ghost town right now and not much is going on, I am still playing but I am also looking for some alternatives. Megacity can be a great solution ! I am going to check it right now

You've played Splinterlands?

I understand how the game might not be for everyone though..

It's rare to find free-to-play blockchain games, most have you spending to either start or spending to keep playing. This should be interesting. Can't wait!

no I haven't. i will check it today
also I don't mind to invest some money into the game as long as there is a possibility to receive at least a decent ROI ;)

It looks great

sounds kinda cool

Patiently waiting....

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I promise we will make it worth the wait 😉

nice new so xo bro

This is cool, nice to see outside developers getting more in to the opportunities of blockchains.

It's great that they use the steam network to run this game, I'm eager to try it, in fact it will be the first one I use!
Well, wait.

Looking forward to more news and of course the release! :)

We will keep you updated as well as share some sneak peeks, so stay tuned!

Looking forward to it. Keep up the good work.

I want to test it asap!

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This looks very promising... looking forward to Fall 2019.

Thank you so much for ditching the ETH platform! As a gamer who has been trying to move most of my games to the blockchain (or at least towards games where I can earn crypto playing) I found it impossible to be a daily player of games that exclusively used the ETH blockchain. Cryptodozer for example, awesome game, too bloody expensive!

Could never play Crypto Kitties because of ETH.. but Blockchaincuties? Yep! They are on 3 (four?) different chains!

I can't wait to play this game! Is there somewhere we can apply to be some of the first testers? I'd love to!

Thank you so much! Yes we agree that the cost of the ETH chain just makes it unsustainable and are really happy with Steem’s fast and free transactions.

You can preregister on the site linked and then we will be releasing some game play soon. Release isn’t too far away 😉

Nice, resteem!

Looking forward to the game.

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I just came to know about this game and it sounds mind blowing🤯
Feeling excited for it!

@megacity, Great to know that you've found Steem Blockchain more effective space for your gaming world. Wishing you successful journey on Steem Blockchain.

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Thank you! We feel the fast and free transactions allow us to keep our game free to play, and that’s pretty important to us. Glad to be here 🙌🏼

Welcome and good to know that team. Enjoy this journey.

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Wow, this looks pretty awesome, Im stoked! 😁👍

Thank you! So are we 🙌🏼

very cool, love the art work as well !

Thanks for using steem. :-) The missing fees are a good positive point for steem also the 3 Seconds transaction time. I am looking forward to see the game live.

wow this sounds excellent, gonna pre register right now :)

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Its really cool