What's your favorite time killer game?

in #gaming6 years ago (edited)

In this post I talk about what is my simple and effective way to pass time. It's real short but never boring!
It's also free! So let's get to it!!!

Today we will be talking about Alpaca Evolution!

This game is very simple! All you have to do is tap on the alpacas and eat them... yes eat them.
There is a meter on the top left and when you fill that meter up your alpaca evolves.. it gets crazier and crazier the more you level up!
Here is a little example of the kinda evolution you can expect. :O

Again this game is just to pass time for a few seconds heck even just 1 lol. Kinda like the balloon game jerry plays in rick and morty haha. just pop balloons but in here you kill and eat the alpacas and evolve your alpaca you control.
But somehow I am addicted to it just for the sheer fact of what crazy evolution i might get next and also how far can i make it til i max out or if i can even max out the level of the alpaca!

So check this game out on the App store and Google Play store :)
Again this game is free!
What's your favorite game to pass time with?

Share your comments below and always..Have a great week <3

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