Starting a Pokemon Lets Play again!

in #gaming6 years ago

So i lost my save files to my Fire Red lets play.
I had my PC compromised and well I had to do a facotry reset which made me lose all progress and I was almost done D: I wa sin the elite 4.
But a good friend of mine told me to do pokemon yellow :) So guess what I am going to be uploading? :D

Dunno if I should look for a modded pokemon red version of pokemon yellow or go with the OG gameboy one.


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Don't forget to catch Mew

Hahaha its been a long time since i played it haha can you even catch mew? I heard some crazy theories on how to do it but never really tried it lol.

I tried it on red and blue pretty sure it works on yellow

I thought it was the old school yellow version haha sorry not sure about the method for next gen Pokémon

Well this is a modded version lol
But I do own original yellow. Haha how do you do it :) I'll give it a go!

It's dangerous to go alone take this

Even then pikachu was dangerous at the beginning haha :)

Found a modded fire red version to be pokemon yellow so i am stoked to play that!

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