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Medevil This game was launched in 1988 and was on the PS1 and was done Remake on the PS4 The game was released on 25/10/2019 and is of the type of adventures and transferred from one stage to another and there is humor in the dialogues Of the hero and the secondary characters. Game age: 9 hours (approximate).


  • Variety in weapons and each weapon is significantly different from the other and some weapons do higher damage to some enemies, there are enemies fast attack prefer to choose a long-range weapon such as spear and bow, or if the enemy is giant and slow-moving you can use a heavy hammer do great damage, Almost all weapons have a certain amount of use before they break and I see them as a characteristic to force you to diversify between weapons and maintain your favorite weapon.

  • The world of the game is very distinct from games that offer the same style of play, the world is always dark and most stages are deserted whether you are in a cemetery or cave or at home, the stage is always deserted and dark and adds a distinctive character to the game world.

  • The freedom to explore the areas at every stage and reward you excellently in case you discover a secret area, and get through exploration treasures, weapons or armor

  • Some dialogues in the game are characterized by humor, especially secondary characters or even the hero of the game


  • Repeat the task method in stages, and repeat the enemies without noticeable diversity.

  • Control of the hero of the game is very primitive, it is true that the game reissued a version that was introduced in 1998, but this is not an excuse to add more freedom to control the character, such as adding more than one type of jumping method or more than one way to run or even climb places, the freedom to control the diversity of the game hero Much less than similar games.

  • Music in general is not appropriate as an exclusive PS4, music is less than normal and some of them are frequently repeated at certain stages.

  • Control of the camera during the game is very limited and many times the events in the game is very fast, but the response of the camera while moving it is very slow and unbalanced unfortunately.



Everyone was optimistic about the return of the MediEvil series, especially after the great success of the re-release of the Crash series by Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and the re-release of the Spyro series by Spyro Reignited Trilogy.


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