Get Saints Row 2 Game For Free - Only 44 Hours Left (GTA alike)

in gaming •  last year

Even if you dont play games its worth to grab such good title - maybe your kid or some friend would like to play it.

Saints Row is like GTA just in different univesrsum.

To grab your copy (tested on PC only, maybe MAC is available too - console surely not) go to

Then click get it free

Create account (they dont even check email or so)

Login and click again

Go to Account-> Library

Download 3 separate files + goods if you want


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My friend and I used so many cheat codes for this game. Still a great game, but if there are cheat codes, why not enjoy even more fun?


of course, nothign wrong with cheat codes :) i played SR 3 on console now ive started this one. so far completed first mission


GTA V brings modding to a whole new level. Flooding Los Santos, shooting whales out of a pistol, and turning into a cat and throwing grenades.


damn ive completed GTA on console and sold - so never had computer version to see the mods