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Killer Bean Unleashed is a 2D motion platformer where you play a murderous bean who ought to face loads of other beans which can be all armed to the tooth. fortunately you've got weapons of your very own as nicely.

The manage system in Killer Bean Unleashed is the standard for the genre, with the direction buttons at the left aspect of the screen and the leap and shoot buttons at the proper. Tapping two times at the bounce button makes you double-jump so you can get to higher structures.

Killer Bean Unleashed boasts three distinct recreation modes. In tale mode you got down to find out why your person has such a lot of enemies to fight. Survival mode, alternatively, has you face loads of enemies till you necessarily end up dead. sooner or later there may be the megalevel mode wherein you need to get via large levels rife with dangers.

Killer Bean Unleashed is a completely enjoyable 2nd movement game that might not particularly stand out for its pictures however continues to be memorable for its man or woman's air of mystery and fun gameplay.


Killer Bean Unleashed is an intense movement shooter that combines vintage school gameplay with new college images!

Killer Bean was as soon as a member of an elite enterprise of assassins, till they tried to kill him. Now he is on a venture to put off them all, one bullet at a time! emerge as Killer Bean on this vintage school movement platform shooter and take down the Shadow enterprise.

3 Modes of Play: tale Mode, Mega tiers, and Survival Mode!
To live on them all, you have to be truely properly. to win over them all, you have to be a LEGEND.

Killer Bean has unique guns which could hearth tremendous ammo. unencumber Magnum bullets, Explosive bullets, Grenades, Rockets, Beam Splitter Lasers, hearth Bombs and more!

Unlock BONUS gadgets imageSource
you've visible double jumps, however have you ever ever seen triple jumps? it is almost like flying!

Killer Bean can be support iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

what is New in version 3.20

  • New levels!
  • New weapons!
  • New Enemies!
  • You can unlock weapons by watching videos.
  • 64 bit guide
  • Download size: 46.81MB
    The new version was updated on Aug 24, 2016.

The killer bean is an easy game to play and with good graphics and great levels. The the level I love most is the last level, wish I have to challenge the helicopter, it take me some time to defit the boss using the helicopter.


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