The Trials of Finding a Good Minecraft Server

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Sometimes I get into Minecraft moods. These moods don't normally last very long and they usually go unfulfilled because of a distinct lack of Australian servers. I'm incapable of playing it by myself; what's the point in building an amazing medieval village if no-one is around to see it?

Before @steemydave returned to the US a few days ago, he opened up Minecraft and made a super mega base for my son to play around in. It inspired me and so I began my bi-yearly hunt for an Australian server to tinker around on.

Searching on the Minecraft Forums led me to the exact Minecraft server I joined last year. One that is currently dead. Not sure why it died. I blame one of the newer, annoying, know-it-all players who had a habit of deliberately exploiting things and gloating about it. Owner probably got the jack of it and didn't bother renewing for another month instead of just saying, "Oi --get!""

Anyway. Resigned to the fact that Australian servers only seem to last a month before being destroyed, I crawled onto one of the top 100 websites and looked there instead.

I joined one of the mega-servers.


Supposedly Australian, it lagged like hell and with the chat going off every half a second with people selling things, auctioning things, voting for the server, etc, I closed it after an hour. xD

Way too intense for little ol' me.

Then I tried something different. I tried going to a top 100 thing and searching specifically for Vanilla, Whitelisted, in Australia. Hallelujah! I got results!

One listing had been dead for 8 months.

Another listing asked me to add the owner to Discord to discuss the server further. I did. She said hello. I replied and asked about her server. I never heard another response.


I went to the final listing -- yep, there were only three -- one by the name of... Biome.


I applied. Within three minutes I was accepted. And more to the point: I think I've found a keeper!

You just don't get conversations like this on US/EU servers:


I love it so much. An online chat hasn't had me in a fit of giggles for aaaaages! This is what I love about other Aussies -- most of us, unless you live deep within the clutches of Melbourne, still retain our politically incorrect sense of humour.


I joined the server, found the ping smooth, found a bunch of like-minded souls, found an area to call my own, and I began!


It's only been a few days since I joined and normally I'm a bit more... focused when I begin. Notably on the last server where I joined, logged in, and had a luxurious nether tunnel made entirely of quartz within 24 hours. HAH. (Never again)

I'm taking my time this time around, trying not to get burnt out, andddd apparently there's going to be a server reset soon so might as well just fart around a bit and not take it too seriously.


Mt. Lava quickly became my base of operations while I got settled, and I'm now in the middle of building what I hope will become a glorious medieval-style manor-esque thing. I worry when I get to the roof. I hate doing roofs.


Instead of finishing the building, I decided to just start furnishing it at the same time and very soon I had my very own enchanting area!


Am slowly building it up though; started the second floor last night!


Anyway, I'm happy with it all at the moment. I'm not much of a talker but I don't have to bite my tongue and watch what I say when I am talking. The environment and people are friendly. The server is smooth and lag-free. It's an active server with player-created minigames and whatnot available.

If I get brave enough / drunk enough, I might try doing the newly created Escape Room and finally get some gaming dtube videos up and out there.


Speaking in a video petrifies me. Took me long enough just to do the freewrite author #freereads last year.

We'll see how it goes!🤷


Until next time!

Thanks for stopping by!! 😊

All screenshots in this post are courtesy of me, @kaelci, from the game: Minecraft