The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge

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A few months ago my Kael Legacy Family died in the fiery destruction of... I don't even know what happened. The Sims 3 is a fickle game. I won't rant; I already have -- HERE -- soooo, movin' right along.

Despite my aforementioned Sims hardship, I decided to start again. This time backing up my save just in case doom dares strike once more. 😅 MY FAMILY WILL LIVE -- LIVE!


Because I'm lazy, I'm just going to copy and paste the following from my last Legacy Challenge Opening Post

...allow me to break down my intentions for this Legacy (Bad Romance) Challenge. First off, you can find the "proper" rules and regulations at the following link:

I'm... a terrible person. I am NOT following the rules to the letter. This is what I am doing:

My Founding Sim will begin her legacy on the largest, expensive property, leaving her with a whole 1800 moneys.
No cheats except for the odd resetSim.
No Ambrosia/Longevity/Immortality things, until generation 10 has been reached.
The first-born shall be known as Heir!
All traits will be rolled randomly.
I'm playing on custom life-spans; average of 145 days per sim-life.
I'm playing on custom time-spans; a sim-day is twice as long as normal.
I'll be kicking out all household members upon the Heir's ascendance.

I have also downloaded a metric shit-tonne of mods, some of which are very cheap in the house-builder. I will utilise them. SHRUG. I use a bunch of NRAAS mods to enhance gameplay and eradicate most bugs. SHRUG.

With that over and done with and out of the way...


Onward! 😀

Time to meet the Ona family!



This is Alluri Ona, Founder of the soon-to-be Illustrious Ona Family! She is an airheaded, easily exciteable, overly friendly computer whiz who has grand dreams of becoming Sunset Valley's #1 Social Media Star Blogger Person Thing.

And also of having a huge family that'll flood Sunset Valley with her genes. After all, the whole point of this Legacy Challenge is to make fun of Bad Romance and steadily procreate until Generation 10 is reached.


As per challenge rules, she demands the local horse recreation centre to be destroyed and promptly purchases the land for her own selfish gains. begins.


With her remaining 1800 moneys, she builds a basic shack and furnishes it with the few items inherited from her grandmother. Most notably an old comfy chair and a bookshelf with various plants covering it.

"I will look after your things forever, Granny," she promises to the deceased and lays down a brand new sleeping bag and picnic basket.


As she settles into Granny's old chair, there's a knock at the door. Using her inherent x-ray vision she realises it's only the annoying mascot from the nearby university and promptly unfolds a newspaper, ignoring the heinous creature.

"Damn furries," she mutters beneath her breath, flipping another page. "Ooooh, good news. The library is open!"


Barging out the door and knocking over the University Mascot in her haste, she hails a taxi who was conveniently waiting and demands he take her to the local library.

It wasn't long before she settled in at one of the equally convenient computers and started playing videogames all afternoon instead of preparing herself for a life of Social Media Stardom.


As night fell she started to feel a bit grimy. Luckily, unlike her new shack, the library had a bathroom!

She quickly washed her hands for approximately 12 minutes and then brushed her teeth for another 10.

"There," she grinned at herself in the mirror. "All clean."


Remembering her life's goal to become Sunset Valley's Super Social Media Star, she starts talking to herself in the mirror and slowly gains confidence in the act of speaking.

While she practices her speeches in the library bathroom, we realise that apparently this bathroom is unisex! And that apparently unisex bathrooms are not a good thing because this strange man who lives at the strange Sunset Valley Autonomous Big Brother house is thinking of salacious things as he passes our dear Alluri Ona.


"Oh you like reading books? I like reading books too. Can I sit with you? Great!"

And so, Suave Slick Party Boi Isaac from Sunset Valley's Big Brother House slides onto Alluri Ona's couch, into her personal space, and into her life.

"Uh, hi," she says with a small, fake smile and continues reading.


While reading, a blonde haired surfer dude makes his approach. Alluri Ona is too engrossed in her book to care but Isaac was only pretending to read and quickly leaps up from the couch.

Stretching out his muscles and pulling a tough guy face, he thwarts off the competition with Powerful Purple Pheromones.


It's getting late and Alluri Ona decides it's time to leave the library and curl up in her sleeping bag for her first night in her new house.

As she climbs up from the couch and returns the book she was reading, Isaac quickly stops her.

"I don't care what anyone else thinks. I think you're hot," he says, leering at her, trying to gaslight her into submission and thus, into his arms.

"That's great," she smiles. "I'm going home. Bye."


"Wait," he says, then forces her into a two hour long conversation.

Using the slick and suave moves that first got him into Sunset Valley's Big Brother house, Alluri soon finds him Alluring enough to become friends with and finally takes her leave.


The delicious scent of food pulls her away from an incoming taxi and she wanders over to the local high-class restaurant.

"I could totally eat a whale right about now," she groans, holding her stomach.

Unfortunately there were too many people fighting to get in and too many children screaming outside the doors. So Alluri went home on an empty stomach.

"Festival tomorrow," she reminded herself. "I can feast upon hotdogs!"


Grabbing a measly pre-prepared sandwich from her picnic basket, she dutifully eats the bland plain buttered bread then crawls into her sleeping bag to get a good night's sleep.


The next morning, she hurried to the gym first thing to shower and relieve herself, and then discovered they had a fridge on-site. Quickly preparing a couple peanut butter and jam sandwiches, she settled down and watched as buff gym-men swam in the nearby pool.

One spluttered and almost drowned before hauling himself up over the edge of the pool, gasping for breath.

Suddenly, a lightbulb appeared over her head.

"That's it," she hissed excitedly. "I know what I can blog about now. I'm going to be famous!"


Leaping up from her chair, she dialled in her new friend's number.

"Heyyyyy Babe, I knew you'd be callin' me today," his smug voice entered her ear. "I'm irresistible, huh."

She rolled her eyes.

"No. I know what you're thinking. No," she took a deep breath. "I need people around town. People doing things. Interesting things. You're weird. You know weird people. Send weird people."

"Uhh, weird. Okay. I guess I'll send the weird people. People! Uh,... how about dinner toni--"

She hung up and quickly prepared her new blog.


Her first post of the drowning buff gym-guy was a great success!


Her tummy growled, informing her that it was time to go to the local festival and devour free hotdogs in the hotdog competition! She didn't care about winning, as long as there was food in her belly.

Basking in the glow of her newfound direction, Alluri Ona traipsed to the park and allowed her skin to soak up the sunlight.

Following her stomach's growl, she discovered that the hotdog eating competition had recently finished and there would be another one later. But, someone had left an unattended hamburger on a table.

"Thank you," she glanced both ways before yoinking it and throwing it down her throat, and then was distracted by a glimpse of sunlit flesh at her back.


"Yessss, that's perfect," she grinned to herself, snapping a photo for her new Hot Gossip Blog.

After submitting the photo with a witty caption and gaining a few more followers, she did a double-take. The guy skating in his briefs was Shaggy, also from Sunset Valley's Big Brother house.

She clapped with glee. Her newfound friend must have actually listened to her! Was helping her! Maybe he wasn't so sleazy and terrible after all.


After at last devouring the hotdogs she so desperately craved...


...she made her way home and fell asleep in her new bed, bought by the funds given to her by some magical portal thing that had randomly appeared outside her shack. As she slept, aliens whizzed down in their starship and took photos of her as she dreamed of one day owning her own computer.

Or maybe that was just a dream too.


Until next time!

Thanks for stopping by!! 😀

All screenshots in this post are courtesy of me, @kaelci, and are from the game: The Sims 3