Slay the Spire ~ a Roguelike Deckbuilder!

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I decided to finally subscribe to Humble Bundle Monthly last night; not because I had any interest in the two games I would get upon subscription, but because, "Hey! Random games in my inbox each month!"

The two games I got upon subscription were Slay the Spire and Squad. I have absolutely no interest in Squad and I wish I didn't activate the steam key; I could've sold that on the DGameMarket! But Slay the Spire... I downloaded the quick 400mb game during dinner, opened it a bit later, and next thing I knew it was past my bedtime. 😁

So addictive.

18 mins of gameplay, Act 1 of yesterday's daily challenge. No commentary because I have nothing to talk about and no-one wants to hear me go ummmmmm and uhhhhhh every two seconds. 😬 I have come to accept this. One day I might actually have words to vocalise. Today is not that day.

Anywho - it's a card deck-building game that's also a roguelike and. it's. FUN. I don't wan't to stop playing. But I'm an adult, I have a child, I have a house to maintain and pets to look after, and I have a business administration course I need to learn. So I can become edumacated and get a real job. Sigh. I also need to at least write three things a week on Steem or I'll feel guilty.

Usually it's five-minute freewrites or random fiction, lately it's random fiction woven amongst RPG gameplay, today it's SLAY THE SPIRE!


Here. You can find it here.


(it's a steam link)


So, when you first open it, you'll have the one character to start with. Some Ironclad guy. He's alright but I much prefer the third character you unlock - The Defective Robot Guy! He's not defective at all. He has lightning zaps and frosty shields and dangerous darkness and PLASMAAAA and he's just fantastic.

Zap-zap-zap! ~ everything dies!


There will be multiple paths for you to choose. Will you try the route that seems less dangerous or will you try and take on all the enemies, then an elite, and then three more enemies before you finally reach a rest point? Question marks could be a random event, a treasure chest, the shoppe guy, or MORE BAD GUYS!

More often than not, it's a random event.


Sometimes it's a pretty good random event that is entirely beneficial! And sometimes.................


........sometimes, you'll wish you went a different way. 5 max HP is great, but thankfully I landed on this lady at full health. There are worse ones to land on.


As you defeat enemies, you'll get a new card to pop into your deck. Some are defensive, offensive, buffs, de-bufffs! One allows you to get extra gold if you manage to time it well enough to kill an enemy with it.

Gold, of course, is particularly useful because there is a Shoppe Man! Not his real name. But. Shoppe Man.


He'll have a randomised assortment of goods - cards, potions, relics, and the ability to remove one of your cards - very useful if you have a cursed card!


But beware... if you have too much gold, some bandits might try to take it all! 😱

They're not terribly high-powered and should be simple enough to defeat, but I was only on Act 2 -- They probably get stronger!


At the end of each map is a boss, and when you defeat them you get to go to the next Act! Hooray! Also, you'll get your choice of one of three Legendary cards. ALSO, you'll get your choice of one of three relics. Some relics are terrible, some are so-so, and some you'll want to snap up the minute you see them.


And at lassssttttt.... you will die.

When you die, your score gets added up and goes towards a new set of Unlocks. After each Unlock, you'll get new cards for that particular character that can acquired for your deck the next time you play!

Anyway. I'm finding this game exceptionally fun. I love it. I'm not usually into deck-builders and Steem Monsters, for example, only piques my interest because it's STEEM-based, but I loooove rogue-lites and rogue-likes and this is one of the better ones I've played in a long time!

It also runs purrrrrr-fectly on my laptop. Don't often get 60fps on this thing, haha!

Want. To. Open. It. Again. Right. NOW!

But... it is time for lunch. And I need to be a responsible adult. 😉


Until next time!!!! 😁

Thank you for reading!


All screenshots courtesy of me, @kaelci, and are from the game: Slay the Spire.


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Slay the Spire is a fun and challenging game. I spent hours on it and only managed to take down the final boss twice.

I got up to the last minor enemy before the Act 3 boss last night... stared, horrified, as I died. xD haha!

Haha.. you require some luck as well. Your write-up and gameplay made me feel like playing it again. Perhaps I will play another game tonight :)

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One day I have to try that game. I was watching many streams with it but never bought it.


You totally should! It is so much fun! :D