Ploughing the fields on my mighty tractor...

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This morning while clicking around mindlessly on @holybread my Discord binged at me! Not only did it go biiiing, a notification arose within the corner of my screen and demanded I click on it.

What did I find?

A message from @thegoliath!


"Let's be farmers!" he cried.
"Alrighty then!" I exclaimed, totally nailing both Ace Ventura's facial expression and legendary exuberance.


So Farming Simulator 19 is currently available for free on the Epic Games store, and so far I'm having a pretty good time with it. However vehicle controls are a bit frustrating, there is a bit of a learning curve, and I've had to google a few things because the Help section in the menu is very un-helpful.

I'm a pro so didn't even bother looking at the Tutorials. 😂 I figured if I struggled I'd try the tutorials later, and I didn't really struggle that much. Despite a few things I needed to google. Eh. I like to learn by doing and tutorials frustrate me.


Introducing Farmer Kaelci!


I am disappointed in the lack of hats available. I mean, there are about 200 odd hats to choose from! But they're all caps.

I'm a farmer, not a trucker.

I want to wear an akubra. Or cowboy hat. Not a cap. You can mod the game, so maybe someone has rectified this situation. I don't know.

FarmingSimulator2019Game 20200204 11373464.png

Now that Kaelci the Farmer With No Akubra has been created, she needs to buy some land!

A nice plot near the shop seemed like a good place to start. It was a good size for a beginner, wasn't too large, and it wasn't one of the teeny plots... which I've now decided would've been a good spot for a house.

Alas, hindsight and all that:


Also, it wasn't until after I placed my house and shed and dog kennel that I realised how to lower the buildings to not be situated upon giant raised landmasses.

Having these mountains on my otherwise flat tracts of land has not been easy. 😂


It's pretty steep. Hard to get the tractor up and down to grab whichever tool is necessary at the time. So I decided to just start dumping everything around the grounds. 😂

At least I know for next time. First games are always "test games" anyway, haha!

As I mentioned before, the vehicle controls are awful. I suffered through....

Traffic jams


Parking mishaps which resulted in house-flipping


And backing up failures


I was imagining people in nearby houses staring out their windows and giggling at the drunk farmer. People driving past in their cars and giggling at the female driver. Teenagers wandering past and filming her for YouTube purposes.

It was mad.

"Lady, you're supposed to drink after a hard day's work --not during!"

fields of green.png

At last, after half a day of wrangling vehicles, the fields were cultivated, ploughed, and seeded with potatoes. Glorious potatoes! POTATOES!

They were planted at last.

Mmmmm, potatoes.

Anyway. I figured now was a good time to wander into the house and press the "go to bed" button.

I thought it was wise to sleep for a good 12 hours, like in real life, but apparently that was wrong. Because when my farmer woke up the next day this is what my field looked like:



Now I know for next time. Sleep is for the weak. 😂

I ran to the shop and bought some weedkiller...



Take THAT weeds!

...sorry potatoes that I'm running over. 😂



Until next time!

Thanks for stopping by!! 😀

All screenshots in this post are courtesy of me, @kaelci, from the game: Farming Simulator 19


This makes me want to play! lol.

Haha! I haven't played it since this post. Will need to try again without ruining my land and destroying my potatoes! 😂