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While building tools and a website mockup for Open Arcade, I started to think about short and long term goals for the project. While thinking of these goals I was thinking that I may be a bit premature trying to build these tools and a website to host these tools, especially if there aren't people to utilize them.

This lead me to what the current initiative is with Open Arcade...Let's build a community. First and foremost I want Open Arcade to be a community of indie game developers and indie game enthusiasts that are there to support each other through the game development life cycle and after release as well.

Now in my last Open Arcade post I compared what I want to do with Open Arcade to Utopian-io and eventually this is definitely where I want the community to be in regards to being focused on game developers and their games. Let's be honest though, I don't have the Steem Power nor the budget to get an account to the level to be anywhere close to how Utopian is currently, but that doesn't mean we can't get there as a community!

How Can We Grow?

Growing on Steemit can happen in many ways but what I want to discuss is how we can reach developers and gamers that currently are not on the Steemit platform. We need to be able to bring more people in from the outside which in turn will grow the community with the community growing also the ability to reward game developers with something more significant increases as well. Here are some ideas that I have to help us grow:

  • Start a YouTube Channel
    I've created the channel already, now is time to get the channel configured and art created to show some credibility. Also I'm working on a plan for types of content that will be available on the Open Arcade channel to help bring people from these other Social Media platforms into Steemit.
  • Start Reaching Out on Twitter
    I have a Twitter account that I've used for indie game stuff in the past so I'll be working to rebrand that Twitter account to gain the attention of the developers I already have connections with.
  • Host Contests
    While we can't really monetarily reward developers (yet) many indie game developers already compete in contests that do not offer prizes but offer a unique opportunity to showoff your work and network with each other, think Game Jams. Maybe we can look into hosting an online game jam via itch.io or GameJolt to gain visibility. (I like this idea!)

What ideas do you have to grow the indie developer and indie game enthusiast crowd within the Open Arcade community? Let's grow this community together!

What is Open Arcade?

Open Arcade is a project that, similar to Utopian-io, will reward developers for their work. Open Arcade though will be focused entirely on game developers and their games. Open Arcade is wanting to support both completed games and games still in the development phase. This way games that may not be able to be monetized or games that are still being developed can make some additional revenue through the Steem Block-chain.

First and foremost I want Open Arcade to be a community of indie game developers and enthusiasts there to support each other.

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Great job and good luck to you for building the community
I hope you will achieve the success of your project.
really great idea.
Thanks for sharing @jrmiller87

I think game jams are a pretty solid idea, and youtube videos going over weekly dev-logs / updates, as well as introductions to how Steem / Steemit works and how Utopian-io & Open Arcade work will probably attract some people.

Maybe even try to partner with game developers and have them post generalized game-dev tips & tricks onto your youtube channel [ so, not necessarily game-engine specific, but things like "how to do pixel art for games", "how to master game-feel", "how to market games" ]. That way, when people search for these topics, they may come across your channel, and if they visit it looking for more content, they'll discover Open Arcade.

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