How Can We Get More Game Developers on Steemit?

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I have a few ideas myself that I want to employ soon that should increase the amount of game developers we bring over to Steemit.

Hopefully soon I can talk about these ideas, but I want to know from the community, how do you think we can get more game developers to participate on steemit/chainbb and also how can we reward them for their work here? I'm hoping we can start an open dialog on this and see what we can do as a community to make it more gamer/game developer friendly!


I like where this is going!

I use to develop games myself and would like to get into this again. What I want to do is figure out a way we can make the community gamer/game developer friendly.

Yes, you are right. There is a lot of room in that arena to get some things going and it will be big.

Great Idea 👍

We haven't even began to explore all the options with gaming + Steem. We can do microtransactions, we can upvote eachother. There are many possibilities to utilize all this inside games and I can't wait to see people start exploring that space.

Thank you for posting, as promised - here's a 100% upvote for being one of the first posters here! And a warm welcome, of course :)

I completely agree and I have an idea that I'm working on that could potentially bring in the game developer community which could in turn bring in gamers as well! Thank you for the reply.

Sounds good. Can't wait to see what you're cooking!

There are still 4 100% upvotes left. To get them, create a original post to /gaming/ through chainBB. One per author.

Are we talkin' computer games or board games? (Hopefully, answer is "Yesssss!")

Both. I want to get Computer games, board games, card games, pen and paper games. Games, games, games!

OK @jrmiller - What languages do you work in? I have a 2-player-game project that I've had problems implementing beyond the first draft. My programming chops are not quite up to the task. Basically, I'm needing a Monte Carlo simulation of a dice game that I've invented. I've done a proof-of-concept in Ruby, however I'd like to translate to Unity.

The real meatspace game is built on the idea that each player picks a character for a gladiator fight with special powers. There is a player choice round where they select special offensive or defensive dice depending on their current status. Offense selects one style of combat after looking at the selections, and then both players roll dice. The dice do damage, block damage, chain to other combos, and other funky powers.

Right now, the random-AI-bot picks the same basic character. Each character has a set funky powers that fire off at particular times. The next iteration would be nice if it was random character versus random character. This is where I got bogged down.

Then if that is working. I'd like to use that for data crunching. Can I tweak a certain fight power to make it a little more strong, and tweak the character's hit points down to compensate? I'd like to make the characters interesting with different play styles, so I'd like to be able to tweak the numbers, even if I just dive into the code myself and change "character.HP := 10" to "character.HP := 8".

Then if that works, maybe go from the random selection bot, to make a learning AI that will look at previous similar positions and come up with a better-than-random move.

I really don't think the first couple of iterations should be that complex. Indeed, I made the first draft in Ruby, and I wasn't incredibly Ruby literate. I just wanted something and made it. So there is definitely workable pseudocode that you can build from, even if you don't use Ruby.

Hell, I'd be willing to pay, real money, or fairy-dust cryptocurrency, or even both! :-D Please let me know your thoughts.

I've written code in Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, C#, Python....I've got experience in quite a few languages, while I wouldn't say i'm an expert though.

Is this something that you'd might be interested in? If not - no biggie. If so, I'm in the market for someone.

Awesome! I have some tabletop games in development myself.
Are you familiar with Protospiel conventions? I've been going to Protospiels for over 10 years now, which is the grand-daddy of game designer conventions. I will likely attend the Indianapolis and Ann Arbor Protospiels this year, and I host a Protospiel event at GenCon... Cheers!

Tabletop games could utilize one time use codes for upvotes as a treasure and such. What do you think @yekrats?

Ooooh, wow. I didn't even know that was (practically) possible. I know it's theoretically possible!

I don't see why not. As an example, you could setup account just for your game. You have a server running that reads the Steem blockchain for certain codes that you have provided with the game physically. You wouldn't even need your own website if you don't want to. Just have users input certain tags and the code. If post with right attributes is spotted, you could vote the poster with your account. All of this could be done automatically by your code.

Of course doing your own website for it and adding visuals could be way cooler.

Once code is read, it gets deleted and can't be used again. Just as an example. All of the above is fairly easy to accomplish.

Really only your imagination gets to be limit here on how to do things, coding is a good hobby ,at least , to have :) With robots and AI coming, more and more will possible with it. At some point, if you can dream it, you can make it happen by coding.