Rocket League Tournaments Beta is LIVE

in gaming •  10 months ago


Today is the start of the Rocket League Tournament mode beta and now I will show you how to get it running. So first off the beta is only available on PC through Steam so sorry if your on console. So now you can create and join tournaments in pretty much all of the game modes including the more goofy ones like rumble or hoops. The Beta will end Friday at 5 pm PST.


1. Right Click on Rocket League in your Steam Library

2. Go Down to Properties 

3. in the Properties menu you will want to click the Betas Tab

4, Select the Tournaments Beta from the dropdown list and then let ur game do a quick update and then you should be good to go 


I hope u guys enjoy this beta  I am going to do some tournaments and I will probably host a few so good luck.

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