Rocket League Season 7 Just Started and Mystery Decals are Back Woohoo!

in gaming •  9 months ago


Rocket League Season 7 started today so everyone's ranks have now gone through a soft reset and now its time to try to get Champion before Season 8 comes around . In my opinion the season 6 rewards are a bit underwhelming, here are my diamond wheels. 

Finally we get Mystery Decals in a crate it has been so freaking long. Now in the new Victory Crate you have a chance of 3 mystery decals and one goal explosion. All decals are pretty cool and the explosion is ok. This crate is themed to be kind of cartoony or comic book like. Oh yeah and there is a pretty dope looking car too and its called the werewolf. 


Anyway that is the end of this quick Rocket League update please Stay Tuned for more Rocket League News and Gaming Content @jpperc Thanks for Reading

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