300 Followers and new eSports Affiliation

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First let me get this out of the way, sorry I haven't been posting for really the last month, my life has been extremely busy with school, work, and now with eSports. But as I was gone I did break the 300 follower milestone which I am super excited about and I will be posting more often as my life calms down a bit. But first I'd like to thank God, and then everyone who has followed me, upvoted, or seen any of my posts I thank you and I could not have been as successful on Steemit as I am without u guys. Thanks

Amplified eSports 

So recently I was recruited by a member of Amplified eSports to join their Rocket League team. So I have been apart of this organization for about a week now, I met my teammates and we are already competing in Rocket League Tournaments and Competitions together. This has been one of the things occupying my life the last couple weeks and its a lot of fun. I will be playing with them a lot and I will be making some of my content based around what I do with my team.

Just to let you know Amplified eSports is a company, they are not some group of kids trying to be cool, its a business that hires good players to represent their company in different games. They are a newer company so please give them some support here on their twitter page and their website is being built as we speak also stay tuned for possible team try outs, and team news.


The Future?

What does this mean for my Steemit page well it means I am playing Rocket League a lot more now but i'm still playing all the other stuff I normally play but more Rocket League for sure. I will be Streaming and making videos a lot more on twitch, YouTube, Dlive, and Dtube. I am not leaving this platform behind we are gonna go to the top but all this means. I love Steemit and all the platforms built around the Steem blockchain there is no way I am going to stop posting here. I will have probably a little bit different content, I will be posting about competitions and other events we are participating in.  I will not stop my normal content its just I will probably have some eSports content in there too. 

I will have another PUBG funny moments video out soon, a cryptocurrency related giveaway, and probably a game review as well so look forward to those things. So thanks to all my supporters and to everyone who read this post I hope you will support me on this and thanks again for everything. Steem on 

For More Gaming Content and eSports news please stay tuned to @jpperc

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Congratulations to the 300 members and you have been hired for your esports team! Steemit needs more and more gaming people to increase. Thanks for being one of them!
Keep up the good work!


thanks a lot t-miles


No problem my friend :)