Raven Ridge BIOS Update, Intel Beating AMD + PUBG Bricks Shadowplay

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Today we have four news topics in the world of tech and gaming.
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First up, MSI and other motherboard manufacturer's have begun to push out BIOS updates in preparation of Raven Ridge APUs from AMD to make sure they are supporting the latest AGESA standard. This will be important for memory compatibility, overclocking and PCIe support.

Intel's Coffee Lake have gained ground on AMD Ryzen in the past two months, actually surpassing them for the first time in sales since mid-2017. A German retailer shows huge gains for the Intel 8700K. Ryzen 5 1600 continues to top the charts for AMD on Amazon, but not enough to surpass the two previous i7 CPUs from Intel.

PUBG, or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, will soon deploy a new anti-cheat system which will stop players from using post processing tool, Reshade. Important to note is that it won't ban players for trying to use it, but they just simply won't be able to play. Bluehole has also reported players using Shadowplay to stream or record gameplay could encounter issues as well, although they've said they will be working on addressing these problems as soon as possible.

Lastly, just a quick mention that Rainbow Six Siege will be receiving a free weekend from February 15-18th so that's a good time to try the game out if you've not played it already.

Craig aka "Joker"

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Timestamps for today's video :)

0:38 - Spreadshirt Shop
1:00 - Raven Ridge BIOS
2:53 - Intel outselling Ryzen
7:12 - PUBG New Anti-Cheat System
9:16 - Rainbow Six Free Weekend

I believe it was the zoom tool in Reshade that put it on the ban list for PUBG.
it allowed people to zoom without a scope and could be considered a form of cheating.

My thoughts on Intel beating AMD again:

TL:DR version first: For the past couple of months, the only people who can afford to build a new PC in the first place are people who can afford 8700k's anyway.

In more detail: The 8700k and Rzyen 5 1600 are in completely different price brackets and appeal to entirely different demographics. During the summer and fall, the GPU shortage was an issue, but not nearly to the level is has been since the Holidays. The price gouging wasn't as severe and budget Nvidia options were still available. DDR4 ram prices also hadn't started to spike as sharply yet. As such people were still building systems, but were downsizing their motherboard and CPU budgets to compensate for market trends and were veering more towards the price-to-performance options, such as the 1600.

However, as the cryptocurrency mining resurgence began anew in late 2017 and early 2018, the GPU market got worse than ever, with even the 'budget' options from both AMD and Nvidia being cannibalized to feed the needs of miners and gamers alike, resulting in the extreme price gouging we've been seeing as of late. This, coupled with DDR4 prices rising back to the level of their initial release MSRP, led to an environment where a 'budget' build, or even a 'mid-range' build using all new components wasn't just difficult, it was outright impossible.

At this point, the only people who could afford to build a system with new components were people fortunate or affluent enough to not be as affected by GPU and DDR4 prices in the first place. This demographic has a level of discretionary income available to them such that they can, and do, buy the absolute best components, like CPU's, available at the time. Truthfully, these are people to whom the 1600 was never within their consideration anyway. Many of the people who would have bought a 1600? Can't afford to even try right now.

Another note of consideration is that the buyers and builders who ARE within the income bracket to which the Ryzen series appeals, like myself, are most likely taking a 'wait-and-see' approach and waiting for 3 things before they bite the bullet on new components:

  1. GPU prices to normalize,

  2. DDR4 prices to drop again,

  3. Zen+ to hit the market, whether for the sake of buying the new generation or to take advantage of the additional price drop on the first-gen Ryzen chips that will result.

So much Information in a condensed format, straight to the point and quality with quantity 10/10. Thank you for your efforts :)!

Hey Joker ya got to keep up with those Bios updates and the New Ryzens come out soon which is what I am waiting for . You see with my Budget hoping the R7 1700 price drops a lot so I can upgrade this FX 8350 build . As always great to see your videos . Thanks --- Also First 65 or Older

I watch on youtube and on here

I'm ready for Raven Ridge, it would be really cool if you could benchmark this with fast RAM and slower RAM to get an idea of how much it matters for FPS.

Hi Joker. Long time fan of the channel here! And thank you for making me aware of Steemit and DTube! I have arrived here, thanks to you!