It makes your poop blue!

in gaming •  last year 

Japan has no shortage of weird products

And they aren't shy from doing odd promotion for gaming and anime.


Usually we see these kind of characters backing products like cereal or fruit snacks for kids...not in this case though, it is curry. Not just any curry. Blue curry.

It definitely looks interesting but upon looking into its people have been complaining about it turning their poop weird colors. From purple to blue to green, people are saying they are pooping weird colors for days after eating this product. One claiming "my poop was blue for 4 poops" the product hasn't been recalled so it cant be terrible for you. But them again fast food is legal and it is pretty terrible for your body.
You can order it here:
I wouldn't mind trying this stuff just for laughs and to see what color my poop turns(lol)... although it's only available in Japan, I might try and get my hands on a pack. For updates follow me @johnroomusic comment below what you think about this blue sonic the hedgehog curry.

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