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Hi, I'm Joey and this is me in text form discussing what is in one of my old videos, a video where I talk about STARMASTER by Activision for the Atari 2600, and STAR TREK by Sega, also for the Atari 2600. (And in the video I make references to the song "Space Lord" by Monster Magnet)

The main point of the video, and thus also this article, is to talk about StarMaster.
Looking at the game, one of the 1st things we see is the laser weapons, and they are visible streaking across space, so I assume they are plasma bolts, perhaps the plasma is energized using lasers, the visible bolts of energy couldn't be purely electromagnetic beams from a Laser or Maser if we see the energy bolts act like they do in the game.
(Explaining this kind of thing is what I usually do, attempting to come up with ideas on how to explain what is being shown in a video game. What is called lasers is very different than what actual lasers are, but lasers still could be used to create an energy bolt other than a laser beam, in fact lasers should be able to convert matter into plasma)

In STARMASTER You travel using warp drive, and battle hostile aliens, dealing with damage and fuel loss by traveling to star-bases to refuel and repair the ship.

There is a map screen you can go to, easily. You can play the game using just the Atari 2600 systems own buttons and a regular controller or Joystick, really your better off using a Sega control pad, but what ever you use, this game plays similar to, but more conveniently than Star Raiders by Atari.
Star Raiders requires a special keypad controller, this game does not.
(I guess in the actual video I didn't talk about the controls, my focus was on what was being portrayed in the game)

The game doesn't show you what your Star-Ship looks like, so this leads me to a reference to a reoccurring concept of mine, that when I play the game my star-ship is actually a Cavalier...


Enhanced with acquired alien technology, to travel space...

Cavalier in StarContro01A.jpg

Such as in this image where the Cavalier is flying next to a ship from Star Control.
This was a reference to other videos, such when I talked about Sega's Ghostbusters and Alf games, and has been reoccurring ever since.

I try to keep some reoccurring silliness running though out my videos.
...OK, that's enough about the video, back to talking about the game that I reviewed in the video.

Anyway, I could easily compare this game (StarMaster) to Star Raiders or it's sequel Solaris, but instead I compare it to Star Trek (by Sega) Both games start with a short bit of theme music, and both have similar takes on space compact, but with some very different perspectives.

If you check out the video you can see what game play looks like, ultimately both Starmaster and Star Trek for the Atari 2600 are fun to play, if you enjoy these simple old games.

UMV BITS StarMaster.jpg

Anyway, if interested feel free to look for more of my media.
Live long and prosper!



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