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The human being has the tendency of feeling nostalgic by experiences lived in the past, many of this are related with beautiful moments that we have lived in our life, those of us who cannot forget wish to re-live them again, because of this.

There are people who can get stuck trying to re-live this moment of happiness reaching a point of feeling frustrated with themselves for not being able to move on with their life’s, but there is a lot of people who accomplish to evoke and enjoy these moments as much as possible until they don’t want to do this anymore, doesn’t matter if what they do is approved by others.

Age doesn’t matter, nostalgia is always going to be around our life’s even if we want it or not.

But… what is nostalgia?

To explain this, we will take the next quotes:

The nostalgia can be described as a feeling of longing for a moment, situation or an event that happened in the past - Wikipedia

The shame of seeing yourself away from your country, friends and family, melancholic sadness caused by the memory of such lost. - Rae

The nostalgia is important for our life’s, being a gamer is a cause of always remembering beautiful experiences lived with online friends and our games in the past, by example, for me was a pleasant feeling, finding myself with Tibia after starting my journey with Steemit, with this platform I can mix all that I do in the present, with what I loved in the past, this is why the main subject of this blog is “GAMING” something that I love with much passion and I really enjoy doing.

Gaming is a project with love for the future



There is nothing more beautiful than doing what you love for your life project, this is a message that I always received from the biggest Esports promoter in my city, yes, a grown man who looks like a child, but lives his life in an impressive way doing what he loves, enjoying in a big way what he does, spreading the passion and being the pioneer of something that was underrated on my city and country.

But why do we mention at this character, the nostalgia and tibia? Well gamming is a project made with love for the future which can be transformed in a way to earn money. But Jill, how can we accomplish that?

Gamming as a business idea.

To explain this, I will be presenting you a business idea that can grow over time into a nice income, depending on your country this might work for you, but most importantly is that it accomplishes what we expect, and when is connected to more things, might be even more profitable.

Let’s begging, but before keep in mind these words:

The nostalgia achieves a function beyond sentimentality, a series of studies made by psychologist Constantine Sedikides suggest that nostalgia can act as a resource that can appeal to connect with other people or events, to move forward with less fear and more focused on objectives.

That is what we need to keep in mind for this business plan and the project that we are going to keep developing from this point forward.

The beginning

We have to keep on mind that the videogames world is a market that generates incomes and there are many methods to achieve this goal, one of them is selling online products, which is our business idea.

Many games exist under the name of MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) where the sale of in game gold can generate impressive amounts of incomes such as , WoW (World of Warcraft),Runescape, Silkroad, and the one we want to work on, Tibia.

But, what requirements are needed for this business idea to work? Well this requirements are the following:



  • Time.
  • Game knowledge.
  • Payment methods.
  • Places to sell our product.
  • Sense of honor, integrity.
  • Patience.
  • Order.
  • Timeline.
  • If you can make a starting investment, you can skep a great deal of time, but is not mandatory to do this.

So, what do we need to do? Simple, create an account in Tibia main page, if you don’t know how try looking into you tube or if u wish to have this information on Steemit, I’ll leave this to another post I’ll create if the demand is high enough for this.



Now you will have to learn the game, immerse yourself into You tube/Tibia wiki as this is a HUGE game, we need the knowledge for our little company.

Is important to learn about payment methods to, to be able to receive or money, the more you have plus the more you know is going to help you expand your business, also is going to help you connect all kinds of products, this is worth for so much more outside tibia.

After knowing most methods, Facebook can be a true friend to our company, head out and look for communities where you can sell you services.

Always keep in mid being honest and true to your word in the game as in Steemit and obviously be patient and keep your timeline

Now comes the most important part, if you have a way to invest on buying a character beyond level 150 would be great, this are the ones who can make a great amount of money beyond sustaining a premium account, having a character level 150 and knowing the game can bring you a high chance of earning 5 USD weekly, for example a premium level 300 can earn 12$ in 2 days, besides there are ways of making daily money in special cases.

Examples of people selling





So, the idea of having a business is to manage to have a high-level character who has the chance of sustaining a premium account and generate incomes to sell outside the tibia worlds with tactics as high value rare items, selling the service of adding level 3 imbuements or imbued items, and some other tactics we will discuss in further post’s

So far, the most important thing is to keep in mid that with Tibia you can earn a pretty good amount of money, in country’s with difficult economic situations, for example if I had a level 300 character I would be earning around a minimum salary on Colombia.

I leave you with this great idea of business and how nostalgia can make you come back to something that will generate a living.

if you have something that makes you happy and generates incomes, you wouldn’t be working at all, you are being happy.

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See you later

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