[EN] How to install CFW on 11.6 Firmware Nintendo 3DS?

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Hi, today I want to tell you, how to install custom firmware on 11.6 Nintendo 3DS. Remember! If you brick your console, it's not my fault! It will wipe all of data on your console, and if you go online with CFW you can get banned. Remember! Having CFW on console is not piracy! I'm not showing, how to get free games. Downloading paid games for free is illegal. You should support creators of a game!! I don't take responsibility for bricked consoles and I have made this post only for information and education purpose.

What will you need to have:

  • NEW/OLD Nintendo 3DS/2DS with 11.6 firmware
  • DSIWare game from EShop for 2.99$
  • +4 GB memory card (I recommend 8GB, for other homebrew apps)
  • SD card adapter to plug it into computer/laptop
  • WinRAR
  • Patience

Step 1. Firstly let's go to Nintendo EShop, and buy compatibile DSIWare game. For me, good choice is SUDOKU, from EA (2.99$). So, when you bought game, install it. Then go to system settings, and press "Data Management", and then press DSIWare. Then select SUDOKU, or other compatibile game that you have bought (I recommend buying SUDOKU). Then you should see window, where you can copy it, or delete. Press copy. Now, lets go to your desktop, and create folder named "3DS CFW". Go to your friends list, and check your friends code. Copy it to .txt file, and name it "FriendCode.txt" (save it in 3DS CFW folder).

Step 2. Turn off your 3DS/2DS, and take your SD Card. Plug it into computer. Then go to Nintendo 3DS folder. You should see 2 folders. Private and folder that has a long name. Copy name of this folder (folder that has longer name), it your id0. Paste your id0 into .txt file, and name it "id0.txt".

Step 3. Go into your folder with id0 name, and you should see 32-character folder. Go into it. You should see Nintendo DSIWare folder. Copy .bin file to your 3DS CFW folder that you have created (folder with id0.txt and friendcode.txt)

Step 4. Open your internet browser, and type: https://seedhelper.figgyc.uk/. Enter your friend code in first textbox, and in second textbox, enter your id0 code. Check if your copied it correct! Press "Go" button. You should see this text: "Add the friend code [bots friend code] [...]". Go to your 3ds friends list, and add this friend code. You should see on your 3ds this text: "You are now friends with [bots name]!"

Step 5. Now you should see "Continue" button! Press it, and just wait for your movable.sed file. Be patience because it might take up to 3 hours! (depends on how many miners are online). When it's has completed press "Download movable.sed" (save it in "3DS CFW" folder).

Step 6. Download this file: http://link.sthetix.info/seedminer (thanks to sthetix!). Once you have downloaded it, you should see three archives and ctcert.bin file. Take ctcert.bin to your 3DS CFW folder. Then from seedminer.rar, choose archive with your region. I chose EUR, because I'm from Europe. Take these to files (game_eur.app, public_eur.sav) to your 3DS CFW folder.

Step 7. Go to this website: https://jisagi.github.io/TADpole-Online/. I recommend using Chrome! You won't do it with Internet Explorer, Safari and Microsoft Edge. Firstly let's put our DSIWare.bin. It's a file that you should have in 3DS CFW folder. It's file with your game, and if you bought SUDOKU, it should have around 3MB. Then in "movable.sed" step you should put your movable.sed (you have it in 3DS CFW). Then do the same thing in "ctcert.bin" section. Choose it from 3DS CFW folder. Do it again in game_XXX.app section, but with game_[your region].app. And as you should know - do the same thing in public_XXX.sav section, choose your public_[your region].sav file. Press "Start!". I know that it's kinda hard to understand this, but don't be mad at me please.

Step 8. It should automaticly download file named: <8 characters>.bin.patched. Create new folder named "3DS CFW2", and copy this file into it. Then plug your SD Card into your computer, and go into: Nintendo 3DS/[folder named by your id0]/<32 character folder>/Nintendo DSIWare/ . Replace .bin file, that you have copied earlier into "3DS CFW" folder with file that you have in "3DS CFW2" folder. Delete old file (with .bin extension), and change extension of file that you have just copied into your Nintendo DSIWare folder to .bin . You can just delete ".patched" part. (don't change name of the file! just extension). Now go to the root of your SD Card (place where you can find Nintendo 3DS folder on your SD Card).

Step 9. Download this archive: https://mega.nz/#!xdwXzYzY!hG5TXcoOR6CDiPaL10BtzmP2_ZzL4ddKQeBtOuhPaj0 (thanks to sthetix again!). Open it, and you should see two folders. Go to the "to sdcard root" folder, and copy it's content into root of sdcard (place where you can find Nintendo 3DS folder on your SD Card). Then go back to root of "seedminer_starter.rar" archive, and go into "firm files" folder. If you have NEW 3DS/2DS copy "2.54-0_11.4_NEW.firm" file to your "boot9strap" folder (find it in root of your sd card, place where you have Nintendo 3DS folder). If you have OLD 3DS/2DS do the same thing, but with "2.54-0_11.4_OLD.firm" (just copy it into "boot9strap" folder in root of sdcard).

Step 10. Make sure that your console is turned off, and plug your sdcard into it. Then turn on your 3DS/2DS and open System Settings. Choose Data Managment and DSIWare. Press onto SD Card/MicroSD card text. Then press SUDOKU, and press copy button.

Step 11. Turn on the game, and if you done everything correctly after touching to start the game you should see b9stool. Move by the arrow buttons. Choose Dump (FOF1, not NAND) option, and press A button. After it completes it's work, choose "Install boot9strap" and press A button. When it completes it's work, force power off your console, by holding power button for a longer time. It should boot into Luma3DS configuration. Choose "Show NAND or User string in System Settings" and press A button. Press Start to reboot console. Press Power Off. Turn on your console, and go to system settings. Now on upper screen on your 3DS/2DS you should see Sys prefix.

Step. 12 Open Download Play app on your console. Press L + Down Arrow + Select Button to open menu. Open Miscellaneous options. Choose "Switch the hb. title to the currect app" and press A button. Press B button several times, to exit Rosalina Menu. Press Home Button. Open Download Play again. You should see homebrew launcher. Search for app named "FBI", and open it. Go to "SD" and then to "cias" folder. Press [current directory], and "Install and delete all CIA's". Press A button. When it ends installing CIA's, press home button. Unwrap 6 icons. Open DSP1 app. Press B. Go to Luma3DS updater and check if there is update. If there is update, install it. Press START button. Turn off your console.

Step. 13 Press and hold Start + Power button, to enter GodMode9 menu. Press home button, choose scripts. Choose setup_ctrnand_luma3ds. Press A button several times, and enter button combo, that you see on screen. Press A two times. Press home button, again and choose scripts. Now open Backup SysNAND. Wait... Press start to reboot console.

Congratulations! You have installed CFW on your console! If you liked this tutorial, please give me upvote. If you have questions, ask me in comments. Installing CFW on conso

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