Starship Theory - Gameplay/Playthrought #6 - A Funny Way To End The Serie !

in gaming •  last year 

Hello guys !

As you know, I really enjoy playing video games and today I wanted to play Starship theory ! I don’t know how many videos I’ll make on this game but as long as you and I have fun with it, why stop ? :D

The description on steam is pretty exhaustive : Starship Theory is a ship building survival game. Mine and trade to gather resources. Plan and construct new upgrades. Train and manage crew. Fight to survive.

You can also suggest me games that you want me to play in another playthrough or just for a presentation video.

Don’t hesitate to leave a like, subscribe and comment for more !

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Never heard about this very game until i read your post. I think i will suggest you play an adventure game next and do a review on it. for the records i love adventures


What do you think about Kingdom Come ? Is that the kind of game you were looking for ? :)

I fill like you write this game by yourself. First time i see this :)

Beautiful nice post

nice theory about games


haha that's quite cool way to finish the things off in style