Over $300,000 worth of Unity Assets FREE!

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myBad Studios is proud to announce it will once again be a sponsor of the annual #UnityChristmas asset giveaway event taking place between the 1st and 25th of December

This year's prize pool is over $300,000!!!

Here is how it works:

Register with your email address and then share the link as far and wide as you can. Every single day, from the 1st to the 25th of December 2018, random registrants will receive prizes from the prize pool. The more people register the more milestone markers are reached. Each new milestone reached means the number of assets awarded each day increases!

By the time Christmas comes around the prize is massive! If I recall correctly, in 2017 the Christmas day prize totalled over $15,000 and this year's event is even larger than last year!

myBad Studios is sponsoring $2,900 worth of assets for the event! Drop by the website and see what products we have. These are just a drop in the bucket of what will be available during this event!


Good luck!

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Registrations are open NOW! See the post above for the link!
Good luck everyone! :D


It's only been a few hours and the second milestone has almost been reached!!!

Second milestone reached. Approaching the third...

Apparently everyone who registers is supposed to get a free asset also. I did not know this but when I queried the FAQ the guy told me that everyone who registers will receive an email within 8 hours and they can then decide if they want the asset or not. News to me!

First 50 winners received their prizes already! :)

Also, it is confirmed... everyone who enters the giveaway gets a free copy of Nested Prefabs valued at $45!!!

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