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Moving forward myBad Studios will be putting it's free content on GitHub. For one thing, this move will make it easier to see what updates (if any) are applied to the demo projects. In addition, this allows us to remove the code from assets (where applicable) and thereby keep download sizes to a minimum.

Those of you who bought the WordPress For Unity asset may recall that installing the asset into your project meant installing the demo game and the WordPress plugins into your project also. As of the second last update to the asset we have split the content into its three parts (The demo, The actual asset and the WordPress plugin) and included it as three files inside the download. This last update will be the last time it includes all three parts as the demo project has now become the first piece of code to be uploaded to GitHub.

The WordPress For Unity asset is still proprietary and the code will not be included with the demo project. This means the demo still requires the WordPress For Unity Asset to work but but at least from now on downloading WordPress For Unity will be a drastically faster experience for those who own it.

This post will be updated with more links as more code is uploaded so be sure to check back here from time to time.

Links to demo code and free assets:

WordPress for Unity Demo game: Bad Dreams -

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