Blockchain Gaming SDK available NOW!

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This is just a quick shout out to those who missed the announcement... Enjin has released the Blockchain SDK for Unity allowing anyone to create, sell, own, transfer virtual items for their games.

Not only does this allow you to sell virtual items inside your games and for people to actually own their items as in actually OWNING it, since these assets are stored in the block chain rather than on the author's servers it means developers can work together and bring content from different games into a single meta verse. Imagine building up your player with stats that are through the roof and then you go into someone else's game with your character and all it's stats in place...

This opens up the door to so many possibilities that Enjin themselves advertise this SDK by saying they themselves can't know exactly what possibilities this opens up! :D

Imagine the movie Ready Player One ... Now imagine it's real... :D
I can't wait for the day when I can take Akira's bike, put Blanka in the drivers seat and then play a game of Mario Kart and showing Koopa what a real bad ass looks like! :D Hey, Mario, try jumping on MY head, why don't you? :D

The future is here!


Seems interesting. Will have to do some more research into this.

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