Let's have a ranch in SLIME RANCHER | INDIE VIDEO GAME REVIEW @jamp014

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Hi all friends of Steemit, here I am again after several days without posting because I was busy with the current university studies that I am studying, but back today with a review of an incredible video game that I know you will love if you try it!


SLIME RANCHER is an excellent indie game where we will have the role of Beatrix LeBeau, a young rancher with thirst for adventure who gives a trip to thousands of years of light years from Earth in the magical place where this story will unfold in the called "Far, far Range", an incredible place of open world with beautiful colors, strange fruits and most importantly with the creatures protagonists of this title, the different types of slimes in order that our friend Beatrix can make a living grappling with said slimes and their occurrences.


Explore the different areas of the map, look for the different types of slimes, capture them on your ranch building pens and feed them with their favorite fruits, vegetables or meats so that they produce a kind of crystal called "Plorts", pick them up and then sell them in the Plort market at the price at which each of these types are priced and thus earn your living in the simplest way in a beautiful visual adventure. Cultivate also the different types of fruits and vegetables in fields in your ranch to have accessibility to these as close as possible, as well as corrals with the different types of meat that some of the slimes love.


With the money you get from the reward in the Plorts market you can buy new areas with new spaces for your slimes, as well as you can improve your vacpack which is the tool with which you carry out all your activities. Also develop technologies using the "Slime Science" to find strange resources underground that will allow you to create advanced equipment, artifacts for the entertainment of your slimes or decoration for your ranch!


Anyway friends! It's a game that I really enjoy, so much so that there was a day that I played around 14 hours. I hope you cheer up and try it! as always at the end of the post I'll leave the link where you can buy it and support the creator and I'll also leave the link where you can download it for free so you can try it and then buy the original game. Highlighting that it is a game with low requirements and you will be able to review them in the end links.

Leave your Upvote if you liked this post! and tell me what you think and if you want to see more reviews of games like this!

See you in my next post friends! Bye bye!! :D Source

Link to buy the original game.

Link to download the game for free, try it and then buy it if you liked it.

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