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Hello to all my friends from Steemit, welcome to a new review of this one of my favorite games of recent years, I assure you that you will have fun and live a unique experience that no other game can offer despite having more than a decade of existence.


PORTAL is a strategy game in which we will be part of an experiment in the laboratories of Aperture Science, where we will mainly use a weapon called Portal Gun to solve several levels with physics-based puzzles by putting portals, passing through them as much the character that we carry (which we will know its history throughout the game) as well as help boxes or objects to keep pressed buttons and open doors, moving all this through the space of these portals.


At first we do not know very well what we have to do and the game will show us with a great narrative what is happening, as the story unfolds we will discover things of the corporation, mysteries, shady places where strange things have happened before our arrival and many more things that guarantees a surprise at the end. In my humble opinion it has been one of the best games I have had the opportunity to play, even though it was 2007, I tried it and it ended in early 2017 and throughout my life I have not played anything like it.


It is a game with very low requirements which is ideal to test it on almost any computer you have. I recommend that you try it and have a fun experience as I had it. Down at the end of the post as always I will leave you the links where you can buy it in the store and support the creator, as well as a link where you can download it for free to try it and then buy it.

Without more anything to say friends I hope you like this amazing game!

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See you in my next post!! bye bye! :D

Link where you can buy the game.

Link for free download and then buy it.

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