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Gaming industry is one of the fastest multi billion growing industry according to recent research.

Despite this overwhelming growth, the industry is still facing some challenges that have handicapped its from attaining the level it supposed.

Players have seen their trust for the traditional gaming companies drastically reduced to the minimum level due to the shady activities going on in the industry which see most players turning away from most platform and start looking for alternatives.
Furthermore, inability of most players to swiftly and seamlessly access the gaming platform in order to enjoy the game of their choice while at the convenience of their home or offices have great diminished the interest of most players. Most of the traditional gaming platforms only offer offline services which can only be accessed by the players within that geographical region.

Most of the traditional platforms contracted third parties to handle their deposit and withdrawal processes which normally resulted to delays or sometimes unreflected deposit and the system doesn't guarantee the safety of the money. Withdrawal and limit are been placed on the players and all these processes and third party involvement incur more cost for the player.

Service provider verification is another challenge most players are facing, as the industry is growing more and more service providers are springing up and players don't have any means to verify the authenticity or legality of those service providers.
ANYONE platform is a Decentralised gaming platform built with blockchain technology which means all the processes have been programmed and cannot be altered by anyone and this reduces fraud witnessed in most traditional
The AnyOne is completely upheld up by the Blockchain Technology, its main goal is to ensure that anyone that is anyone gets the opportunity to make diversions at a less expensive rate, gets exact reward or more all have some good times. AnyOne comprehends the spot for no particular reason, reward, reasonableness and security in the gaming framework and that is the more motivation behind why they teamed up with the blockchain innovation. Gaming is going to show signs of improvement with the ANYONE stage ready.

Beside improving the gaming framework, the ANYONE stage additionally offers a few amusements that are mind blowing and reward appealing. Despite the fact that soon more diversions will be presented however for the now there are three fundamental recreations to be specific:

The Table Game: Roulette and bacarat

The Slot Game : e.g Anyone Quick, Dragon and Tiger, and Chinese Beauty.

ANYONE Dividend : The AnyOne stage is client driven, this implies they are particularly inspired by their clients, everybody of their clients check, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a star. This is the motivation behind why they offer a 100% income as dividends to their clients. The AnyOne token will be mined over the long haul that will cause the dividend rate offered to be pegged to a specific rate. The ANYONE stage promises to be precious stone in the majority of its tasks and dealings with its clients.

ANYONE Investment Platform : The ANYONE platform subsequently offer investment opportunity to people or organizations that puts resources into the platform or perchance purchases the Gaming chips which cost just $1. Financial specialists will be given rate as indicated by the thing acquired and the amount.

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