The role of Orionix in the gaming framework dominated by giants such as Steam

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We are living in a world of never-ending digital transformation. Infact, we have come to appoint where things tend to change in just a matter of days leading to one wondering what really is next for the human civilization.

The e-commerce sector is honestly no exception with statistics showing that there are currently more than 800 million users on the internet who are shopping daily among them being game buyers who are growing exponentially. The latest Global Games Market Report has made a prediction that 2.3 billion players in the world will spend almost $140 billion on games, each year, averaging to 15% sales increase.

However, a huge number of players find themselves unable to trade their games, accounts, and items in a totally secure manner. Scams are all over the internet making gamers skeptical about trading what belongs to them rightfully, their invested time and money.

The gaming sector has evolved with new technology emerging. Virtual Reality(VR), Augmented Reality(AR) and Mixed Reality(MR) provides a continued growth in the consumer influx. While this might be good news, there is concern about the possibility of gamers exchanging their virtual acquisitions in the years to come.

Orionix, however, has the win as it aims at connecting all gaming universes together into one Token-one value for all your hard-earned valuables. Be it MOBAs, MMORPGs, FPS, RTS, Orionix is planning to do whatever it takes to remain the number one trading solution for your favorite titles.

One of Orionix’s long-term goal is to be able to offer a secure environment for Real-Money Trading (RMT) with RMT being worth billions according to the World Bank Report back in 2011. Orionix hopes to make sure there are fair trades between gamers and what can ensure that is security during valuables trade transactions. This sector has a lot of demand and lacks enough offer but the Orionix team is dedicated to make sure they meet the needs and demands of this unexplored niche.



The principle behind Orionix is to join two facets of the same coin. The ORX token on ERC-20 will allow a controlled token value particularly created for buying and selling goods and services related to video games. This web platform is designed with ease-of-use accessibility thus it will simplify and secure transactions between the players involved using the ORX tokens. A contract will then be issued to both the buyer and seller and then screened through Orionix’s security algorithm and then finalized in a blockchain-based monitoring protocol. Later the users will be provided with the option of trading games, skins and other items for other goods and services. Disparities in value will be noted in a contract that has been accepted by both the buyer and seller before the trade.

Game developers and editors are being faced with the challenge of high demand for quality checked, bug-free and finalized games. On the contrary, though, beta testers and players who pay to access pre-release versions of the games expect them to be at a way more advanced stage. Orionix, however, looks to solve such challenges by awarding players with valuable virtual goods and tokens. The ORX token could be awarded by counting the hours spent playing and by the bugs reports submitted or by allowing game items to be transferred to a platform where they can be traded. These are the possibilities cryptocurrencies like ORX present to the gaming domain which will for sure offer a more correlative approach towards gamers where both parties are assured to benefit.

The technical protocol of the ORX Token allows trading on exchange crypto-currency stock markets or the transfer to any wallet.



Orionix plans to employ the concept of plural marketing strategies considering the competition in the cryptocurrency domain. Bounties will be implemented on the crowd sale phase where contributors will be able to share their referral links to friends and relatives. As a reward, the contributor will gain a token for each new contributor. Also, an airdrop is planned during all sale phases where any contributor that previously bought ORX tokens will be awarded a bonus. Not forgetting an advertising campaign across social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit among others.



The most fascinating thing about the entire process is that as simple as it may appear it has so many more cool features. For instance, for the skins to become available for purchase in the first hand, a number of qualified designers go through each item and make sure the item is perfect and looks as appealing as possible for the final consumer. Obtaining of in-game items in many cases promotes a feeling of well-being and activates the release of dopamine hence increasing confidence and performance of the player. Orionix is the solution to online trading of game items.

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