How to use the Everdragons ERC721 Bridge

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The bridges are live

Everdragons has a keen focus on blockchain technology and is committed to pioneering the newest tech with almost every aspect of the platform.

The pièce de résistance of technology on the Everdragons platform is the advanced bridging of all three blockchains. Making Everdragons the first, and only, blockchain gaming platform, bridging three standalone blockchains.

Bridges are currently available from:

  • Eth - POA
  • Eth - TRON
  • POA - TRON

Very soon these bridges will be bi-directional making it easy to move around all three chains.

How to bridge assets

Sending your dragons to another chain couldn’t be simpler. Just follow the steps below.


  • On the Collect page click the dragon you want to move
  • Click the ‘Bridge’ icon on the right
  • Here you will see the options for bridging. Go to the section with the chain you want to bridge to and check the address
  • The first time you bridge the address will be blank. You must enter the address of your TRON/POA account and click update address and confirm the transaction on your DApp browser. This will connect the bridge to your account on the other chain.

    Please note: Updating your address is a transaction and saves on the blockchain. This builds a permanent bridge to this account for any dragons you transfer until you update it

  • Once the transaction goes through the send button will activate
  • Click send and confirm the transaction on your DApp browser
  • After a short time your dragon will be available to use on the other chain
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    Bridging of ERC721 tokens is much more than a cool feature on the Everdragons platform. It gives players autonomy and assures the safety of their assets, and it is a key feature in uniting chains.

    Everdragons invites all current players and new players to join the Telegram and Discord channels to speak with the team and community and learn more about the platform!

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