Our 5x5 Board game is being abandoned...

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Actually this is a good news. We are about to publish a new game soon. It is going to replace our old 5x5 Board. First, let us describe what 5x5 Board used to be...

Simple rules, merge blocks by the lines to make them disappear. That was the base rule to create the gameplay. You could score points playing offline. Also you were able to play against another players. You won the match if you removed all blocks using less moves than your opponent. These actions allowed you to be higher in the ranks. There was the time when about 20 players were playing our game online. It might not be a huge number but we were happy to have a few active players. However, these good days passed away.

Have a look at the screenshots from the 5x5 Board game. It's ugly, isn't it? That was one of the reasons why we weren't able to find new players. We used to believe graphics didn't really matter. That wasn't true!

Our game had another, more technical, issues. Also we didn't make good actions to promote the game. Anyway, we think it's not the proper article to describe all the issues. Now the most important thing is we made some conclusions and decided to re-create our blocks game. It is about to provide the best game modes from the 5x5 Board with a little improvements. Especially the graphics will be improved. It's not going to be perfect but much better. We are about to release a new game soon, hopefully this year. Honestly we don't expect to have millions downloads but we don't care ;)

If you would like to see the old 5x5 Board gameplay, please see the video below.

Hope we will post a next article soon with more info about a new game :)

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