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Zombie is a sundry race and now they are so popular that we can see them in movies as well as in games. So, VNG Singapore PVT. LTD. decided to develop a game named DEAD TARGET : ZOMBIE. This is a game where this diverse race which is Zombie has entered in a city and killing people in order to rule over the world.

So, as a player you're fighting against these dangerous unleashed zombies where they will try to kill you and you have to shoot them with your guns. You'll be provided with the most advanced weapons that you expect. Remember one thing they all are not equal some are giant, some are small, some of them can run fast but you have to keep your eye on them.

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How To Play

When you will start your mission most of them will come to from the corners and will try to harm you. So be ready and select the accurate weapon to shoot every zombie. Some of them are very annoying and some are very strong.
The controls are there on your screen and on your fingers. You can choose your character and to make this game interesting developer decided to put some more options. There is a casino where you can spin the lucky wheel to collect bonus points to collect boosts, grenades and much more to get your more stronger.
You are provided with maps of hospitals, subways, canals, prisons, etc. and you'll find each and every zombie weird and cute. When you hold your gadget in your hand you will find a button on the bottom left hand side of the screen which will help you to see or you can say which will help your character to see 360 degree and to fire your weapon there is a button on bottom right hand side of the screen.

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There is a option on the display which will help you to change your desired weapon and to reload your gun at any time. Zombies attack can make you weak so when you see your power is draining out tap on the med kit which is present at the top of the display screen. The graphics are mild mature and you will find intense Realistic violence which make this game more interesting.

Minimum Hardware Requirements :

Screen Size : 480*800
CPU : 2 Core 800 MHz
Memory : 512 MB

Developer : VNG Singapore PVT. LTD.
Size : 274 MB


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Nice game.
Resteemed and followed.

Yeah It's a fantastic game.
Thank You so much

Nice Post !! Thankyou !!

Thank you for appreciating my post

It is a good game, though the graphics are not so good but still better the Virtua Cop :)

It is rated 17+ By iOS, graphics can't take charge over PC game
But yeah its good

Thank You

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