DApps that Pay: Crypto Blackjack now with Dividends.

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DApps that pay is a series of articles that explores blockchain-enabled applications that pay dividends to their token holders. Contrary to the claims of mass media, blockchain-enabled businesses do make money.
Details on Free STEEM at end!

Since my last DApps that pay article, the bullish market sentiment has pushed the 24-hour user base of DApps up by nearly 15%, reaching a record 233,000 users.

DApps are starting to operate as businesses with real cashflow; the key distinction is that many of them offer the kind of revenue sharing centralized entities don’t. DApps like BetHash, which is targeting interoperability across multiple blockchains in order to give a united Crypto gaming platform to every blockchain user, distributes casino revenue to token holders; HASH is listed on Newdex.

Due to the lack of awareness of the dividends provided by HASH, the dApp dividend monitor has reported that the platform has been distributing daily dividends of nearly 0.5% on the current token value, which sums up to a 600% compounding return. BetHash’s user boom is due to that fact it’s a single platform that supports betting with Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens, EOS and EOS tokens, and Tron.

Dividend Monitor: Due to lack of awareness of dApp tokens, annual dividends of some dApps are worth more than their tokens!

Other blockchains will be added on a regular basis as BetHash is committed to creating a single casino for every Crypto user in the world. DAppradar shows that the very recent Tron addition added to the platform’s user base by an additional 3,000 in the past 24 hours.

The key drivers behind the growth in this decentralized casino are that:

  • The results are provably fair since they are based on blockchain transaction hashes; an uncontrollable variable.
  • HASH tokens, which provide dividends, are given to players for free; this effectively makes players the owners of the casino.

Using Blockchain Hash as the Source of Winning Numbers

As public blockchains are decentralized network, no single person or entity can control the transaction hashes generated on the network. The use of smart contracts for staked funds, hash to derive winning numbers, and tokens for distributing revenue provides a Crypto gaming platform that is:

  • Publicly Visible: Players can verify the hash using a blockchain explorer.
  • Provably Fair: The casino cannot control blockchain transactions.
  • Auditable:Players can verify the legitimacy of the smart contract.
  • Reliable: Funds are escrowed in a smart contract.
  • Decentralized: Casino revenue is given to the players.

BetHash uses these features to create a provably fair lottery, Dice game, and Blackjack. Popular games like Baccarat, Slots, and Jacks or Better will be available soon.

Play Blackjack with Crypto

The classic Blackjack game is now on the blockchain.

BetHash uses transaction hashes to decide your card at the moment you make the bet. The characters in the transaction hash decide the card color and number based on these rules. Irrespective of whether you win or lose the wager, you will win HPOINT for free; these can be traded for HASH tokens, which can be sold at Newdex, or staked for daily dividends of about to 0.5% of staked value based on current HASH price.

Here's a guide on staking HASH:

60-Second Lottery

BetHash has designed a lottery that runs every 60 seconds.

At the start of every minute, a new decentralized Crypto lottery commences and anyone who has access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies can enter the draw. At the end of the minute, the first 5 EOS block hash that end with a numeric character decide the winning numbers.

Crypto Dice Game

BetHash uses blockchain has to decide the winning numbers for the ever-popular decentralized Crypto Dice game.

The Dice game and its results are straight-forward:

  • A player chooses a number which he/she must roll less than. For example, if a player chooses 50, to win, he/she must roll less than 50.
  • The number that the dice will roll is derived from the 2 last numbers (double digit) in the EOS hash that was generated at the time of the roll.

Community Rewards

Beyond dividends, BetHash has a number of on-going community engagement rewards.

For one, players who use HPOINT to buy HASH enter a jackpot of enough HPOINTs to get about 80,000 HASH tokens. Since HPOINTs cannot be bought, the jackpot is available exclusively to BetHash's players. In addition, seasonal events called races offer large prizes of up to $10,000 to players. Presently, a $4,000 race is under-way and players who wager on any game will be automatically be placed in the race.

Lastly, there's also a bounty.

Bounty for Passive Income

BetHash has launched a bounty for 500,000 HPOINTs.

Presently, approximately 8 HPOINTs convert to a HASH token and therefore the bounty equates to 62,500 HASH tokens at present conversion. HASH tokens have a market price of roughly 0.05 EOS each. To get a share of all this money, all you have to do is share the project on social media, write about it, or talk about it on Bitcointalk.

A unique thing about this bounty is that HASH tokens can be staked for a continuous passive income. Unlike any other airdrop or bounty campaign, the rewards of this campaign provide a lasting source of income.


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  2. Head to BetHash.io and make an account. Then just post a screenshot of your username with your EOS ID, like this:

That's all! After that, I'll use @tipu to send 1 STEEM straight to your wallet.

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Who doesn't love some gambling! :)

I want to like it, but I can't.
The token has virtually no volume and the company's account becomes the custodian of staked money.

@mmmmkkkk311 Okay I just won 1 steem here. Look as a Blackjack dealer I can tell you dealing with anything digital with a RNG setting is NOT real blackjack rotation. I got lucky.

That's the deal with any online blackjack I suspect. You cannot count cards that way.

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I don't think gambling is s great way to earn crypto, prob lose everything

The HASH I've staked was bought.
Players can choose to stake their free loyalty tokens or sell them on exchanges. Anyone can buy those and then stake them and claim the dividends that the player could have had.

Can you give me some loyalty token? I don't know how

You get HPOINT for playing. Every players gets it automatically.

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Awesome! :)

Nice platform thanks for info

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Welcome :)

Dear sir please give me your WhatsApp no.any info related

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I think DApps will take online gaming to the next level.

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lets try this !

Yeah Amazing

very good article ! thank you for share

I should try this right now, thanks

What's the risk? Is it possible to loss everything you have staked?

Theoretically, any asset can go to zero.
With that out of the way, the fundamentals are that this dApp has been around for a while and its user base continues to grow. I think ~$150,000 has been paid out in dividends to date.

I see, so the downside is that it goes to $0, while the upside is nearly unlimited.

Good news

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Thanks for sharing. Is that only blackjack. Or is there other game ?

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Dice, lottery, and blackjack are available right now.
Slots, Baccarat, and Jacks or Better will be out soon.

Hola comunidad cordial saludo, soy nuevo en esta red social y me seria de mucha ayuda que alguien pudiera asesorarme un poco y asi poder salir adelante en esta comunidad como ustedes, gracias de antemano.

very good article ! thank you for share @hatu Resteemed and upvoted

I should try this right now, thanks !!!

Haha, many do!

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I'm not a writer, I'm a photographer 😢... Thanks for answering ...

Then I recommend Wemark.com.

Thank you very much, I will take a look... Best regards... 👍😉

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Eso esta asegurado, porque ya tengo cuenta :/

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And have it posted before my next article.

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All done @hatu.

Dear #hatu ,If gambling is the way of earn, why blockchain steemit? If you played gambling directly with "HASH", then you could do well. I do not understand yet, did I have to resteem and vote on these thoughts on the overwhelming thoughts?Thanks all

Sorry, I couldn't understand your request.


Thanks For RESTEEM and VOTE ME

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Please guide me how it works???

I placed a video in this article; just click the play button.

hi!. thanks

You did not resteem.

It is a great promotion of #DApps. Thanks for this information

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How much money do you aim to make this week?bank-note-209104_1920.jpg

Does anybody know is it possible to sell or transfer MagicDice tokens?

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tothemoon.game will actually pay
and it's way more interesting than all those tron casinos

This is a multi-chain casino supporting multiple native chain currencies, the first of its kind. Calling it a tron casino is a misrepresentation...

As for tothemoon, it's an adaptation of a popular game called crash.

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hi my entry
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I can tell you dealing with anything digital with a RNG setting is NOT real blackjack rotation.

Done and Done

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Do you have what it takes?

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You're literally buying your ad to top of trending on gaming, you didn't ask people politely either if we want to see it, you're just pushing it. I wouldn't want to see ads on trending personally and many others don't either. Majority of normal users don't probably in fact. My little ad is at the bottom of your "quality comment discussion", where people mainly seem to be after your tip. It is also very short and not disguised as a blog post. Considering all of the above, I'm surprised you're so disturbed by this.

But I'm honestly sorry if my comment at the bottom of your blogs comment list bothered you so much, that was not the intention. It's an automated message and the aim is to spread message about this relaunch of a game on Steem.

Apology accepted; thank you for understanding.

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