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in gaming •  last year

I can't believe this is post #500!

When I first started engaging on Steemit I went through a huge range of emotions as I learned the harsh lesson of taming my expectations. Writing my heart out just didn't catch on!
This past summer I have had a number of big changes in my life and lifestyle and it sounds like the rest of you are experiencing the same from reading your posts. We will change the world.
After a bunch of changes in one's life, it takes time to settle back into a new routine, luckily I have more support in my new configuration and it makes a difference to not be under pressure all the time.
What to expect in 2018? I am active in several projects that remain veiled in secrecy. Cats are itching and scratching to be let out of the proverbial baggage. Underwater explorations, some experimental RC platforms, motorcycling videos in sunny BC, Canada, lots of photography from macro to landscape, launching some games on google play and in general just developing all sorts of projects.
How many are still struggling over the state of the system I don't know, but there are far too many lost souls roaming around... Good luck my friends, I hope to be of some value to you, the enlightened masses.
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