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On the 18th of November 2018, Latvia will be celebrating its centenary. As Hash Rush is based in Latvia, we are going to be joining in on the celebration and having a special event in the game.

With a new event comes a new dev blog, so sit back and enjoy learning about our second major event!

The Great Ursara Hunt

Long ago, before the great Crystal Storm, bears were a common sight on the planets that the Trinell race had colonised. Being skilled domesticators, the Trinell would regularly rely on the bears to help explore the planet that they were colonising. Through this partnership, a bond was formed that between the two species.

However, as with everything in the Hermeian Galaxy, when the great Crystal Storm struck, the bears were forced underground as they tried to escape the devastation that the planet’s surface experienced. Once they went underground, however, the bears were never seen of again and so the memory of the Trinell’s companion bear became a tale of legend remembered by few.

As the Ernack race emerged from the ruin left behind from the Crystal Storm, they began to mine the Crystals, for they contained a power that was sought after by many.

Mining deeper into the planet every day, they would occasionally stumble upon ancient caves that only the bravest of the brave would dare to explore. It was in one of these caves that the Ernack miners first laid eyes upon the beast that they now call an Ursara. It was an ancient bear that had been corrupted by the Crystals influence and trapped in the cave since the events of the great Crystal Storm, but now thanks to the miners it had a way out.

Once the Ursara had made its way to the surface, it began to attack other Crystal mines, slaying the miners and exploring the caves, freeing more Ursaras. Under the influence and control of the Crystal corruption, the Ursaras began roaming the planet to find and destroy the Ernack colonies.

Of the mining party that discovered the Ursara, only one returned to the surface. The miner reported that the rest of the team had note perished, but were instead taken deep into the center of the cave.

Knowing that if one existed, then there were bound to by countless more, the Traveller quickly spread word to the Ernacks to prepare themselves for he knew that this new threat had to be quickly countered otherwise they would all be in perilous danger.

Though the Traveller did not mention it to the Ernacks, he was concerned about the captured mining party. The others had given them up for dead, but he knew that something darker and more sinister may be coming.


Event Information

The Ursara Hunt event will start on the 17th of November and end on the 25th of November. During that time, players will have to explore their planet and hunt down the Ursara beasts.

There will be a special prize rewarded to players that hunt down a certain number of Ursaras:

  • 7 Ursara: Red Skin
  • 14 Ursara: White Skin
  • 28 Ursara: Bear Ears
  • 55 Ursara: Red/White Skin
  • 80 Ursara: Bear/Antler Face
  • 100 Ursara: Bearslayer Sword and Shield

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Development Snapshots
For those of you that enjoy seeing our in-development images, check these out.

Development Snapshots

For those of you that enjoy seeing our in-development images, check these out.

GrizzlyHat screenshot 1 Substance Painter.jpg

GrizzlyHat screenshot 1 3dsMax.jpg

GrizzlyShot3 3dsMax.jpg

Bounty Challenge

We are also bringing back the Bounty Challenge, with more skins for you to win. If you already had any of these skins from the previous event you will get a duplicate from this event. Be sure to hold onto your duplicates as they will carry over to the beta and become blockchain assets (and fully tradeable).

Challenge 1 (Nov 17-Nov 19)
Master: Black Skin
Grandmaster: Blue/Red Skin
Epic: Tiger Skin
Legendary: Cat Ears


Challenge 2 (Nov 20-Nov 22)
Master: Green Skin
Grandmaster: White/Green Skin
Epic: Cheetah Skin
Legendary: Dog Ears


Challenge 3 (Nov 23-Nov 25)
Master: Pink Skin
Grandmaster: White/Yellow Skin
Epic: Giraffe Skin
Legendary: Bunny Ears


Social Media Challenge

With the Latvia100 event update, we are going to introduce a new type of structure, aesthetic buildings.

The first of these aesthetic buildings will come in the form of an Ursara statue that can only be unlocked if you are a winner of our Latvia100 social media challenge!


To take part, visit us on Twitter when the Latvia100 event starts, all the instructions will be listed on the sticky tweet.

Good luck to you all!


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