Let's Play Angband! part 2

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Let's play Angband!

Well I rethought my Let's Play Angband series. I decided I would start reposting once I get a character to level 20 and start tackling the deeper parts of the dungeon.

So with that in mind I promptly kicked a lot of ass with Lucas after finding a Shortbow of Power(+8,+15). Killing Smeagol, Wormtongue, Bullroarer, and Lagduf the Snaga. Who dropped the artifact longsword Elvagil. After that it was mayhem as this little hobbit tore through enemies left and right.

Next to fall where Orfax Son of Boldor, Brodda the Easterling, Grishnak the Hill Orc, and Golfimbul the Hill Orc Chief. Then I got a bright idea, I'll read a scroll of Deep Descent which sent me to 950'(L19) of the dungeon.

Lucas was killing everything, he reached level 20, and I was ready to start the series over. Up in the corridor ahead was a dark elf mage and a couple dark elf warrior buddies of his. So in I went. Forgot to cast Detect Monster, didn't realize it was an entire small army of dark elves. Hit points fell fast as the mages threw blindness spells and other treats my way. Still in a corridor with 4 or 5 dark elves visible, I quickly read a scroll of phase door to get me a reprieve. Lucas pops into a medium sized room with about 20 or so furious dark elves waiting. Over reached right at the starting line.

So say hello to Sir Oink, the Half-Orc Paladin. With the birth options I went with randomized Artifacts and kept the no selling to merchants for the larger gold drops, they seemed to work well with Lucas, poor Lucas.

@harrycoins if this interests you, follow. I should be posting a new one once I get Sir Oink to 20th Lvl.

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One of my favorite games. :)

Yes. Mine as well, including all the variants. Thank you for the vote @bacchist

Do you think you could make a post that rounds up the different variants that are actively developed?

Yeah I'll post that tomorrow as an interlude while I level Sir Oink. Don't know if I have a complete list laying around, but I'll search through the community to see what I can find.

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