Magic Arena - Are three Rounds a Game to long

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Updating Magic Arena

Magic Arena is open for Beta Testing for awhile now. I really like the look and feel of the game and given the complexity of Magic the Gathering, with all it phases and interruption possibilities, they made it pretty close to the paper game.

So the new update brought a lot of things with it. Besides the new old sets they included into the game, the also implemented more or less new game modes. One of them is called Competitive Constructed, which is Quick Constructed with a best-of-three extension.

So i played 3 games, to be more accurate 9 matches within 2 hours. 2 hours just to make 3 games of U/W Control against U/W Control. I don't expect short game in a control match up, but there needs to be a solution to make games quicker.

Does anyone of play Magic Arena? And if yes, how do you feel about the update?