Gaming Meme - I Don't Wanna Play Alone Anymore Fellow Steemian Gamers Read Below...

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Good Morning Steemians.

I usually post news and gameplay videos but every now and then I like to provide you all with a fun little gaming meme.

I search high and low for these and a lot of them I make myself I love trying to make people laugh so I hope you found this funny.

As always we are trying to keep our community alive so if you wanna play online together post your online gamertags below and which platform you play on.

I'm Xbox One my Gamertags is MikeeeyD, see you online.

Thank you for reading look at the GIFs below they tell you what to do.




Hi all, you are all influencial figures in our gaming community and I thought you might like this post. I hope you don't mind me bringing it to your attention.

@playfulfoodie @michaelcj @tfame3865 @gabox @braini @ahmadmanga @cryptokrieg @tygergamer @skinnzero68 @trangpu @alexbeyman @creativity101 @shello @afifa @erki @ambmicheal @preciousbaby

Hahahaha this is soo true. Thank you mate.

happened to me last night lmao

upvote and resteem ^^

Thank you very much. I hope your followers enjoy my post.

Very good my friend. . Thanks for sharing

Thank you for commenting sir.

that's a nice payout :) from a big vote

anyways, I'm onto chess and :)

Not a fan of consoles, I don't want to be consoled, I want to create :)

Anything interesting here, any contests? tournaments? challenges?
it's the first time I'm passing through your blog so excuse me for asking :P

Thank you soo much for asking. We have a lot planned for the future at the moment we are trying to build up our community so more people get involved. Feel free to resteem to your followers.

Thats a Great post man @grownfolksgaming

Thank you very much my friend.

please upvote my friend if you want

Nice post, hope some gamertags shows up. Sadly the only online game I've played the last year is magic the gathering online.

Mate that's a fantastic game online. Do you play the physical card game?

Offcourse! Online came later because of lack of time. You play? I play modern and commander, I do also have a pauper deck on mtgo.

Yeah I don't play as much as I like to be honest.

Same here. What formats do you play? Do you play on mtgo?

I used to but don't anymore and haven't played the card game for a while to be honest. I normally just play pre built

Then you were missing out, the whole fun is building the deck :)

Thank you for the meme @grownfolksgaming, put a smile on my face xD

Hahahha I'm all glad :) thank you for commenting.

I came back to vote you when I had more power xDD Thank you for highlighting a moment that avid gamers have!

sorry boy pc gamer here :P

Well get your Steam ID in here then :) no excuses

free999enigma but i usually like to talk on discord while playing :)

I'm still getting to grips with discord.

Funny stuff man. Did you make this one? this made me lol
even though I don't play many offline games anymore, which is sad.

Yeah I did and it's all over the internet now.

You just give yourself a pat on the back, even if no one cares about the achievement you just made. Always get that feeling, Especially on Bethesda games, like Skyrim and Fallout 4

That is soo true actually.

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