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Hi fellow Steemian Gamers, before I explain in more detail my question I thought I'd provide you all with a picture of me riding a giant War Drake from Middle Earth Shadow Of War at this year's EGX event in Birmingham.

Right so recently I have been seeing more and more examples of new games being used to promote certain food and drink products in the UK. Below are a few examples of items I have seen recently that I wanted to show you guys.

The first image below is a packet of Chicken Fridge Raiders which contain a code for the new Call Of Duty World War 2 Game.


So if you are one of the people that enjoys this snack you are lucky enough to receive a code for double XP on the new CoD game. I tried to find out how long the double XP lasted but couldn't find that information on the packet. From past experience the codes normally only last an hour so I imagine this would be the same.

The second product I found was a can of Monster Energy which contained a code under the ring pull for items on the new Assassin's Creed Origins game.


Again not much information could be found on the can itself but I have been told the codes are used to download exclusive in game items. Although I am not sure how accurate this information is.

In addition to Monster Energy I have also seen the Rockstar Energy drink company providing codes for the new Destiny 2 Game but they didn't have that in the store I was in.

So fellow Steemian Gamers my question is this, are these products being promoted by the games? Or are the products being used to promote the games?

I'm confused because neither one of the 2 really needs any additional promotion for example Monster Energy is probably the most well known energy drink brand out there, but equally Call Of Duty is probably going to be the highest grossing game of the year?

Which way round do you think it is and what are your thoughts on the whole thing?

Personally I think it's unnecessary but let me know in the comments below.

All these products were available in my local Co-Op store and I am unsure of their worldwide availability.

As always if you like my post and don't know what to do then check the GIFs down below.



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Evening all, you have been tagged in this post because you are all on the top 20 for most influential Steemians on the gaming category. I believe you will enjoy my post and would love to have your support and feedback, thank you in advance...

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yeah,i like it just teel here this product name,and i also search it .so thanjs a lot


Thank you mate.

I honestly do not agree, because it breaks what is the essence of the game, plus you think it hits to promote call of duty in a package of cold potatoes ufffffffffffffff by God, I think you would have to spend more money and for a good trailers before watching a movie in the movies and not in a package of potatoes, you can imagine seeing advertising in the role of a hamburger and put World of Warcraft nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Hahahah great comment you are absolutely right thank you for

I haven't seen them yet, but I agree that one is not needed to promote the other. If your sitting around games, you are probably drinking a monster, so you can play longer. :) Maybe they are trying to attract a new audience? Like, here, you're full of sugar, how bout you play some assassin's creed?


Hahaha I think you might be right. To be honest I'd need a few cans of monster to enjoy that game.

I barely even notice these promotions on any packaging, it would never sway me to but a product either. I personally think its unnessecary, the games sell themselves,


Agreed dude. Although last year I did buy


Ahh sometimes you just have to give in XD

I would say that the products (food and drink) are being used to promote the game.

Explaining my thought process behind this is actually quite easy as you're the perfect example for it. Even though you did not buy the packet of crisps or the can of Monster, you still noticed the game that was being advertised, and that's what the goal of the game publishers will be.

These particular food stuffs are sold all around the country, that is a huge reach. Every time someone walks into a store, be it your local corner shop or a larger super market that person is likely to see the product and so the game label. But unlike the actual can of drink or what-have-you, it doesn't matter if you buy it or not. If you look on the product, notice the game name, you'll think of the game and thus the chances of you buying it (or playing it more if you already have it) increases, even if it is just a tiny bit.

The tl;dr version:
These game companies are using the food stuffs as a huge advertising campaign that reaches around the country. All you need to do is notice them and the campaign is doing it's job.


If this was a competition dude your comment would win. A quality ezpla

I think the companies are using the games to get more purchases.
If you notice its on things that young gamers would buy, energy drinks and snacks.
Plus I think the game company would want the consumer to have the right info before buying wouldn't they? idk
Great post man! You always get me thinking lol


That's why I'm here dude. Thanks again for


You're welcome man!