World of Warcraft Legion - Impressions

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So as you can see I am pretty much unactive on steemit right now. I have shit ton of work, that drains my brain out, so it is hard for me to write something. However even though I have little time. I decided to kill the remaining time by trying the latest expansion of WoW, before other DLC will be released and I will miss out opportunity to try it. I played every single expansion except of Mists of Pandaria and that makes me sad. So after a month I decided to write my impression as a WoW veteran and not as a gaming journalist, that comes across a WoW for few hours and decided to make a “review”.


Last time I played WoW was because I got free a battlechest, because I was on Warcraft movie in the cinema about a year and half ago. That was my first time on official servers. Before that I played on private ones for a very very long time. Honestly, I was disappointed by Warlords of Dreanor, so my expectation were low before jumping on Legion. Luckily, I got a booster on level 100 so I could try one of my favorite character – Rogue and try with him the new content. I had level 100 warrior and dk, but they screw them on WoD…To be honest leveling in zones is pretty much still the same, but I was blown away by a fact, that you can level up by playing arenas and battlegrounds. It is not even so slow, but doing dungeons is still faster, due to waiting time and by fact, that you have to win BG to get exp. I calculated, that you have to go 4 dungeons per level between level 100-110. Each level will take you about an hour and half so its not that hard to level up the max level. I was very disappointed, because after a max level I had to do other quests for reputation to unlock other “must-have” content like World Quests. My friends loved doing quest, I hate it, because I hate leveling, so I did that with bitter face…


So leveling was pretty quick and enjoyable and after hitting the max level you can go PvP and Dungeons and even some low raid, but I still had to grind my way by doing what I don’t like. Fortunately, after that you have pretty good gear to go almost everything what the game has to offer. If you are not a really bad PvP player you can play PvP almost immediately, because battlegrounds and arenas scale your gear, fight are not always equal, you still have to get better equip. At the beginning I hated this feature, but after some time I think that this is a really good thing. You don’t have to play dozens of hours with green equip to get killed by everything that you meet so you it is better for you to just go afk and farm equip like that... One thing I don’t get is that while you are leveling, you can go aprox. 4-5 dungeon and that gets very repetitive. However, after a max level you will unlock tons of dungeon and they are quite awesome and unique. I would like to open at least half of these dungeon before 110.

There is one thing that I like the most on this expansion and that are mythic dungeons. Mythic dungeon is basically any dungeon you can go on normal or hard, but with timer and more Ads and harder boss fights etc. The cool thing, is that you have to go to the dungeon by yourself and port other, like it was on TBC. Nostalgia strike af, when you are writing “click pls!!!” in order to port someone :D. The raids are straight forward imo, you have 3 bosses and few uselles ads. However boss fight are awesome, but I think I have seen better. To sum this up, I think, that this is one of the best expansions out there. They “dumbed-down” few things like they always do, but some of them are actually good. For example you if you play a paladin, you don’t have to farm specific equipement, because if you switch your talents, the gear will adapt and change the stats (from strength to intel and vice versa). I thought “what the damn hell” but you don’t have to waste so much time on few items and just enjoy the character or you can level up new one! So if you are wondering if you should try WoW now, or after the new expansion. I would recommend you to do it now. There is so much content compared to "modern" games, but be aware, you can sink your whole life in the game..
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