PUBG Mobile and How I Feel Like a Grandma

in #gaming3 years ago (edited)

PUBG is one of the most played games on the world, so I am pretty sure that you know it. It has been released on mobile devices by other company called Tencent Games so I expected nothing from the game and o boi I was so wrong. The game runs even better that it runs on my laptop. I really feel old. When I was a kid, java games was the real shit! Now? You can play games, that looks like console games on a freakin mobile, what a time to be alive.


The game on android has aprox. 700mb on iOS it has little bit more, but it is still not much at all. The most important thing for many people is that it is a free to play game. I played just few matches (I almost won one match ☹), but I don’t think, that you can buy other than cosmetics stuff. There is little bit different progression system, you have „missions“ and „events“ and when you complete them, you obtain points and experience and if you have enought points or experiences you can open up a lootbox. Or you gain gold by playing, like you do in desktop version.



The free to play model is actually a brilliant idea, because many people who plays Fortnite are playing it, because it is free. Now, they can try PUBG for free and they will see what it is like and they will eventually buy it on PC. However Fortnite has been released on iOS which I don’t have so I can’t write about it, but it has a crossplatform so you can play with your friends even if they play on different device, which is kinda awesome. PUBG Mobile doesn’t have crossplay so there is no way to play with your friends on PC (or XONE). However the game is really good. It is really like the original version, you can even drive a car. So try it even if you don’t like battle roayle genre or mobile games, because it is just awesome how technologies are better and better every single day.
Thank you for reading.