I'm BACK!! I will be streaming the new Hearthstone expansion tomorrow on DLive!!

in gaming •  4 months ago

Hello Gamers!!

I am back full force!! Starting this week, tomorrow morning 8/11/18, I will be streaming Hearthstone on Dlive!!
As of now I will be streaming either SAT or SUN of every week, in the morning for several hours, at least 3-6 hours!!

So come by tomorrow and check out the latest decks in the Boomsday Project expansion with me, used in Ranked Play!!

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Didn’t realize a new expansion is out. That’s probably why my friends have been talking about Hearthstone more than usual!

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Give it a try, the new expansion is pretty cool!!


I tried getting into it more when the mobile version was released, but never could! I love basically every other Blizzard game though.


It's tough to get going in the begining because all the top decks require certain cards and that requires spending a little money. Then every expansion is more money but compared to other tcg its not that bad. As for the learning curve and whatnot, if you stick with it, and get the basics down you'll eventually get hooked. But certain games aren't for everyone. I tried wow and heroes of the storm I get bored very quickly. They can't keep my attention. Nothing beats the original wow and 2nd and 3rd. "leave me a lone!" classic org voice. Haha good times.