My favorite part about Apex Legends' Battle Pass progression so far

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Hey everyone!

I just felt like sharing with you the best thing in Apex Legends' BP so far in my opinion.

The game rewards you for playing different Legends

You can earn up to 25 000 extra Battle Pass XP with each Legend every week. If you max that out with all of them you will be 225 000 points (~7.5 levels) closer to reaching max BP level. Without counting the regular XP gain this Legend bonus would be just enough to get to 100 by the end of the season.

I really like the fact that the devs support diversity and reward you for getting out of your comfort zone. Later on, I will most likely write a detailed review about Season 1 so stay tuned.
Oh yeah, and one more tip. The First Kill with each Legend grants you 500 extra XP, so if you don't have too much time to play just make it sure that you will make a few hot-drops to pick up some fast kills.

Thank you for reading!

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Thanks guys! :)

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Eyy thanks a lot!