Is the new generation games worth paying $ 70?

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From the year of 2008, the price of games has not changed on all platforms and has remained at the price of $ 60. The games industry is rapidly developing and the cost of developing games is increasing.

In this period, there is a debate in the gaming community on the issue of increasing fees and that the price has not changed for 15 years, and that the cost of developing games has increased to 300% than before.

We notice in the last period, many of the game developers talk about the issue of increasing the fees, the last of which is the developer of the game of God of War, where he said:

The price of games should be raised. I prefer an initial increase in price over the assumption of the critical microtransaction purchase system, which has become the orientation of many games these days.

The controversy increased further when raising the price of the NBA 2K game on new generation devices to $ 70, up $ 10, and the 2K company has a history of encouragement and all its concerns are the pockets of players no matter what the cost to them, as we all saw that their great game in its latest releases became a gambling game openly without Shy or sensitive to the feelings of its players.


And if the matter was limited to Microtransaction only in formal matters, such as clothing, stories, etc., we would have understood the matter, but !! It became a gamble in every sense of the word

There are companies, even if they increase, I feel it is a normal thing like CD Project, Naughty Dog and Santa Monica, the companies that play story games, and it remains a long time to produce games and also focus on the story more than the online phase

It is illogical for these studios to develop their games, which take an average of 5 years, with a high development cost that depends on advanced equipment depending on the quality that we see in the end, in order to sell them on a specific device for only $ 60! Companies like Activision, Ubisoft, Bethesda and others have alternatives In order to increase profits and circumvent the player's pocket in twisted ways as additional content that already exists in the game and its price exceeds the true cost of the content.

The question that arises now is, is a game like Mortal Kombat 11 Combat that was issued with a number of incomplete fighters and trades them from time to time as an addition that you should buy for $ 5 !!, and the disaster is that they are the main fighters in the series, will you stop this method if you become in The next generation, at $ 70, are there guarantees that some game development companies will stop these methods if they get this increase?

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